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This will be a different flavor of the podcast, as traditionally we have chatted to artists, fund managers, this week, I interview the co-founder of a working web3 game built on top of Solana called Mini Royale: Nations.

This isn't Alex's first crack at making games, in fact, he's been doing it his whole life, check out his LinkedIn. Alex's philosophy is simple, build a FUN game, and add an open economy on top of it. The current issue with web3 games is that they focus so much energy on economics, tokens, and financial incentives. If you don't have a fun game, none of the web3 innovations really matter.

We chat about the previous games that he and his partner have developed, the current state of web3, and the atrocious launch video that Ubisoft announced. The last half of the episode, we chat all about his new title that is currently available to play right now. 


Game: miniroyale.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/apaley13 

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Alex Paley


co-founder @farawaygg & @mininations | formerly @scopely & @Glumobile | paley.sol | open economy game maxi