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This week's episode has been a MUCH anticipated release for me. Anjali is the co-founder of the widely used tool in the crypto/NFT space called collab.land. I met her at SXSW after she spoke on a legendary panel and knew I had to have her on. Her passion is just as strong as mine, and this interview is just an explosion of emotion, storytelling, and good vibes.

A few key areas we touch on:

-Anjali's Intro to crypto

-How collab.land started, and what their mission is

-In-depth detail on why web3 is so important

-Data privacy

-How they turned down millions in VC funding

-The future of collab.land

-So much more!

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Anjali & Collab.land

Anjali Twitter: https://twitter.com/damaderoca
Collab.land Twitter: https://twitter.com/Collab_Land_
Collab.land site: https://collab.land/

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Anjali Young


Co-Founder/CCO Abridged, Collab.Land