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Ben is an aerospace engineer by day and a landscape photographer by night. We chat about everything from his love for photography, how he landed into NFT's, and how he balances his family life along with his passions.

I met Ben through the FOTO Fund, which is a fractional vault of some of the most amazing photographers in the NFT space. From there, I was hooked on his new "The 24 | Series" pieces, in which the picture actually evolves based on what time it is.

Ben is on all platforms such s SuperRare, Foundation, OpenSea, and MakersPlace.  *As of this moment* he is currently has sold out of all of his work, but stay peeled, he's just getting started ;)

Strap in, because I know you're going to love this one!

Ben Strauss Socials & Work:

Everything: https://linktr.ee/benstrauss
The 24 l Series: https://opensea.io/collection/transient-gallery

Boonafide XP Website & Patreon:


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Ben Strauss


Landscape Photographer || Founder of $FOTO Fractional Vault