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Brayden has been a full time photographer for years, and was one of the early adopters of Instagram, along with Dave Krugman, Eric Reubens, and many more.

We dove right in with his history in the corporate world, and the journey to learning what his calling in life was. Brayden is clearly not cut out for the corporate world, but a lot of the skills he learned there have proven incredibly valuable to him as a full time photographer.

He is goes into the importance of understanding professional skills such as creating decks and writing good emails to navigate brand deals. Next, we chat about his entry into the NFT space, and he gets a LITTLE fired up about his and Chelsea’s genesis piece on Foundation that, according to Deeze, is “aging like fine wine.”

After we get fired up, a tangent brought us to the topic of artists having more of a say in defining the artists of our generation, the frustration with collectors spending exorbitant amounts of eth on underdeveloped art while good artists are going unnoticed.

This tied in perfectly with the toxic positivity in the space and the WAGMI vibes and how those who consistently show up and contribute will be the ones who make it.

We finish off the conversation with my predictions for the next bull run, culture clashes between the collectible and art community, and the rise of art sales, even in a bear.

This is a very non-linear conversation but jam-packed with value for every type of participant in the web3 ecosystem.

Enjoy 💙

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Brayden Hall


Brayden is a Vancouver based lifestyle, adventure and travel photographer with an insatiable hunger to explore. From the epic peaks of Patagonia to the lush tropical beaches of Mauritius, you can always find him searching for the next adventure.

In 2014, he set on his first backpacking trip throughout Latin America for six months. It was there that he realized his passions for travel and making photos. By fate, Brayden grew up in British Columbia, Canada, a place known for its natural beauty and epic mountains. Here he was able to hone in on his craft in his vast and stunning backyard. After years of dedication, he helped pave the way for and has become a pillar in the adventure photography space where he spends time connecting the community and uplifting others.

Brayden is known for his unique eye of blending landscapes with outdoor lifestyle, working with top tier brands such as Google, Marmot, Mazda, Columbia along with major tourism boards and airline companies. His compelling storytelling is brought to life through incredible imagery of locations both unique and very challenging to access. Brayden strives to excite and inspire people to see what this world has to offer and his number one rule is to always have fun while doing it.

In early 2021, Brayden discovered the NFT space and became passionate about the potential as an artist. Brayden has sold 49 one of one pieces , which included selling out a collaborative collection from when he got stranded on an island for six months, and sold out an edition of 40! As he involves himself more in Web3, he’s filled many shoes including successful artist, community builder, collector and has helped bridge the cap between Web2 and Web3 brands.

Brayden strives to excite and inspire others to see what this world has to offer.