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I first found Chelsea on Twitter when she dropped her "Dirty Girl" collection on Foundation; as time passed, I found myself in a Twitter Space with her, right after she started teasing her newest drop, "Bad News."

We dive into her personal story of starting out as a traditional artist, her transition to photography, working on wall street and so much more! We chat through the importance of onboarding, and current censorship issues with nude art on Twitter. One of my favorite parts is when we go deep down the rabbit hole of how math plays a huge role in photography.

Lastly, we do a lil alpha and dive straight into her newest unreleased collection, "Bad News," which will allow holders to create their own story with alternate endings. I throw my two cents in there on some inspiration from how campaigns in video games are consumed as well! This is something insanely ambitious, which you know is my cup of tea.

Enjoy <3

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1000 miles out- https://opensea.io/collection/1000milesout
Dirty Girl- https://foundation.app/collection/xoxo 

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Chelsea Mealo

Photographer/Creative Director/Model

I began modeling as a hobby four years ago. Quickly I became intrigued with being behind the camera as well and my experience on both ends of the lens expanded hand-in-hand. Never could I have imaged where these passions would lead me; from appearing in Times Square billboards modeling clothes, to photographing artists I grew up listening to such as Blink-182, Wu Tang Clan and ODESZA, to traveling the globe and working with world-class hotels and brands in content creation.
My favorite thing about this career is how dynamic it is. Working with new people in diverse places and varied industries keeps life exciting. I am always ready to take on the next project with an open mind and a committed work ethic.