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gm everybody,

This week's guest is Chris Hytha, one of the first photographers I have followed since I entered the NFT space. Chris is a designer and visual artist based in Philadelphia, obsessed with architecture and the stories they tell.

He is most known in the web3 space for his Row Homes collection, a collection of 101 stunning composite photographs of old school homes in Philadelphia that are no more than 20ft wide and three stories tall. 

There were a few great topics Chris, and I discussed:

-For the love of Architecture

-Urban Expressionism and Visual Comedy

-What if everyone went against the grain?

-Defining his style & managing success

-Art as a business

I know you're going to enjoy this one!

Chris's work
Website: https://www.hythacg.com/links
Rowhomes Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRWpiFVIHiU

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Chris Hytha

Designer & Visual Artist

Chris is a designer and visual artist based in the city of Philadelphia. Back in 2015, a passion for photography sparked when Chris moved from his small hometown just outside the city to Philadelphia to begin architecture school at Drexel University. Chris’s visual art developed alongside his growing skills as a designer, and this architectural influence is integral to his work. His main inspirations to create are light and the built environment.