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I am extremely pumped to have my first guest on the show who has accomplished so much since he's started his journey in esports only 4 years ago.

Bryan is the Owner and Co-Founder of the content creation organization Oxygen Supremacy. We dive deep into the world of Halo, COD Franchising, Current & Future State Esports, as well as touching on the family dynamic and some of the struggles that families face with their kids wanting to purse Content Creation & Esports.

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Good morning, and welcome to the Bonified experience Podcast. My name is Kyle A k a. Bona fide gaming. I've been extremely exciting episode for you guys playing today. We have our very first guests on the show that is Brian, owner of Oxygen Supremacy. We dive into the world of e sports. How he got got to worry is today in oxygen we dive down deep in the rabbit hole of Halo as well as the current state of the sports Opinions on Franchising and where we see each sports in the future. And Brian also gives some really sound advice to up incoming content creators as well as parents of content creators and EA sports athletes. As I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. Let's go and get started. Welcome our guys. I guess I should say good morning void for me. Afternoon for you. Yeah. Yeah, a little. Come on, it's time. Time zones are funny, man. Um, hundreds of funny welcome, Thio. Welcome to the unified experience. So thank you so much for, you know, tweeting out that you wanted to be on. Ah, on a podcast again. This is Ah, it was a great opportunity for me to three job.

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I'm excited to be here. It's Ah, I like podcast. So this this is cool? Yeah.

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Who would have thunk that? Ah, you know, video games and EA sports and content creation was gonna be the way the world in the future, you know? I mean, your kids. Yeah, for sure. After them. Let's go. Let's go ahead and jump right in. You know, um first question I'd like to ask people you know is like, you know, when it comes to, um, you today like, uh, you know, March 29th 2020. Who are you today?

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Um, well, my name is Brian Trunk. Also doing a sinkers on social media. I'm That's my Internet alias. I'm the owner of the Sports that gaming entertainment organization, Kel. Oxygen Supremacy. Um, currently, in terms of the sports were competing in fortnight and be offer content creation and fortnight Overwatch called duty Apex Legends. That much of other games Minecraft. But that's the type of content we produce. Um, almost so currently a business student at the University of British Columbia, Um, studying commerce on my fourth year. So I'm almost done Um, yeah, that's kind of just who I am. Awesome.

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It's awesome. Um, and this this next question is always something that, like, I've continuously tried to ask people, um, or continues to try to ask myself and people that I'm around, no matter how I feel like the secret toe, like life is not necessarily getting old but figuring out how to stay young. Um, and so I tryto I try to ask myself, Like, What do I always want to be when I grow up? You know? So I'm gonna ask that to you. So I was your age right now. What you wanna be when you grow up?

spk_1:   3:09
Um, I want to own a business conglomerate, so I want to own a business that owns multiple businesses. Didn't different types of sectors. Probably the technology sector. That's kind of made my interest. Um, but I can see myself. Um, I don't know, Do something like that. Maybe even just continue. Continue building my organized, like buying my company now, um, and kind of, you know, making the oxygen supremacy is like the main mean friend and having a bunch of, like, um, subsidiaries under oxygen either Whether that's like a bull graphic studio are Ah. Police, too have development of, like, younger content creators who are, like, you know, maybe 13 14 15 years old. Who would want to do this is a passion or something like that. That's kind of something that I've been looking at doing, and it's very possible. I mean, I'm only 21 years old, so I have a lot of Florida, like I have a long way to go. But yeah, that's ah, kind of where I see myself in the

spk_0:   4:17
future. That's incredible, man. I didn't realize you were only 21 years old. Yeah. If your heart is the owner of Ah, you know, I would say a pretty, pretty popular sports and content brand. You know, it's the president.

spk_1:   4:31
I've been doing this actually for four years now, So it's ah, 17. When I started this. Yeah, uh, it's been a long time in the making. It was funny because, um, grow it like I'd go to, like, give me events and, like I'd have, like, you know, older Well, they're adults asked me to go for a drink, and I'm like, I'm like, 18 19 years old and I'm like Ted Earley. Yeah, but I'm finally 21. So I went to Pax East before this. Like, I was, like, the last big gaping event before all this cove in 19. Stuff happened for started breaking out, and I was finally able to get drinks with, like, industry friends, which is really cool. I had to reject them before because I'm like, uh uh, not legal, so

spk_0:   5:22
yeah, yeah, it's not that. Probably the best time to try to ask her something under the table. When you're trying to form a business, you don't mean? Absolutely. Absolutely. No, that's that's really cool, because I you know, my very first event was, um ah, was the emoji. No event. I think it was 2.5 3 years ago over the head. Yeah,

spk_1:   5:43
you went to that? I did. That was my very first event. Called anyone?

spk_0:   5:47
No. No, it was Ah, Halo in Gears of war. It was

spk_1:   5:50
the Is the the the dual duel of it? Yeah.

spk_0:   5:53
Have they used to do back in the back in the old days? You know? I mean, yeah, you

spk_1:   5:57
know, you used to do that where they had like three games going at once.

spk_0:   6:01
You know, it was what was funny. What got me most excited about. That was like, You know, I'm, like, a little bit about myself. I'm a hail of one boy like, yeah e aware this? Yeah. Of I Actually, it was funny. Halos. My main game and gears of war is something I really enjoy. Yeah, I love meeting a fellow. Hey, Leonard, it's ah. You know, um and we could maybe talk about that. Here.

spk_1:   6:29
Wait, wait, Hold on, hold on. Okay. Okay. That's cool.

spk_0:   6:38
Oh, my God. Dude, where'd you get that? S so so when actually made this druitt and printed it. Holy shit. Yeah. Wow, that is That is incredible. Give me chills, man. That

spk_1:   6:52
artist is called chasing artwork if you want to look at it, but absolutely little fans out there, um, this is incredible. Piece of gonna put this on my wall soon, but, you know, speaking of halo, want to show it because I had it was there. Yeah, I bought that about

spk_0:   7:11
a month ago, so yeah, since we're ah, since we're showing some stuff off, I got I actually got to go to the Halo Outpost discovery in Houston a couple years ago. And, um, this was actually I got ah, Bravo's autograph on this. Oh, and, ah, and you're gonna be mad at me. I can't remember his full name, but the guy who plays Master Chief's voice for halos one through three.

spk_1:   7:38
Oh, that's so sick.

spk_0:   7:43
Yeah, that was That's my one that, you know, it was funny because I I wanted Yeah, yeah, it's the gold I got's

spk_1:   7:51
all that's so cool. Yeah, dude, that's that is so sick.

spk_0:   7:57
It's such a special one. It's such a special one for me, you know? It's Ah, yeah, it was. What was funny is because I had bought in a V i p ticket one day. You know, I didn't go all three days because I went home to Houston, wanted to spend time with my family. Um and, um so I just figured I'd only desert them for one day. And, uh, I I was late going up to the because the V i P room moves in the top, but I didn't realize there was so much going on in that event. Like it's crazy. Like I love going toe like these events, and I went to Pak South once and the, you know, getting to go to the multi events. But like it didn't go to an event where it's a literal full convention. Are a full size building of nothing but halo going on. That's like house. It's the best thing in the world, you know, to me like it's that impact these but all halo content, literally all halo content. It's a man I infinite. Like, Oh, uh, I am too. So tell me like you know what You know. I've seen 343 since they take over. Almost buried the franchise, right? Like they like, in my opinion, Like when? When? When the Xbox one came out and they redid Master Chief Collection, they botched that release so bad. And I just remember as a halo fan, I was just like, What did you guys do? All you had to do was copy and paste like, How do you mess up a classic? You know, it's like they just took something and destroyed it. In my opinion, um, on Xbox and the game was because, as you know, the game is literally unplayable when it first came out, it was unplayable online. And then you released Halo five at the same time of a boss release where you completely changed the mechanics of it. Right? See? But this divide in the community, right? You just, you know, and it. So what's your what's your take on number one? I wanted to get your take on games like Halo five and the mechanics and, like, where do you see Infinite? Like, what? Do you see them putting in there?

spk_1:   9:48
Um well,

spk_0:   9:53
where do you think the franchise is that? You know, like we're, like, what is your feeling? Towards three for three

spk_1:   9:59
with halo five. Um, so I my first, my first Taylor game of Halo, too. Okay, that was my favorite night low fare on the hail that I really like. This is like what I was like to be 11 years old was Halo Beach came out okay. I played the crap out of that game. I There's a lot of like it was a hit in this because a lot of people did like it. And then a lot of people did like it. There was, like, a little that that divide Um I was part of the people that did like it because all I did was play Swat all day, every day, just a headstrong head shot, head shot, head shot. That's what I always think. I love you, only God knows. So like, but the mechanics of Hill, if I was definitely interesting, Um, it's it's definitely I don't know. I played it briefly, maybe, Like, maybe like, a couple weeks, and it just felt it didn't feel like it felt like it felt like hell, but like, it was just something about it. Just didn't have a budget that bungee feel to it. And I just didn't know it was because

spk_0:   11:16
yeah, cause I see I think they're in a tough position because, like, I think Halo as a franchise needs to lie because I don't like in Trust me. Hey, like I played the original Halo, that's what made me buy an Xbox. But Halo two was by far my favorite weaken. Just we could just put Hey Lucy along in the same category is, like, you know, double 07 and Super Mario 64 like that. Just a legends like this, like you're off on their own little islands. So, like we're gonna take Hey, Lissie completely out of the picture. Kahlo to was by far my favorite, and I grinded. That was the game I grind it. I was actually just to be perfectly transparent in the beginning, before I got good. I was one of those kids that soft ma did. And also ah, circle boosted and team standby. I was one of those kids, you know, I had an alarm pro had Cain and Abel. You know what? I was one of the I was one of those kids, you know, just because I that's just it was fun. To be able to modify something like that was made by a huge developments like it was almost like we were getting away with something like, we're just, you know, getting one over on Microsoft around bungee. And, um and then some kid, actually, you know, hacked my account and tried to buy 10,000 Microsoft points. And that's the moment where I tried to like which at that time was like, That's, like, close to $10,000. Wow, you go. So Microsoft at the time actually banned his I p address. You know, like they they I p Bandon, that was back in Halo two, like 2007. Yeah, it's like,

spk_1:   12:37
yeah, you get to those seven. Yeah,

spk_0:   12:40
but it was, um they did that Now was the moment where I flipped the switch and I got, you know, like I decided to start playing competitive are not competitive. I just I started being more competitive about it, but, um, you know, it's just my My thing is, though, like I'm stuck in this period of, like, halo as a franchise. You know, you look

spk_1:   12:57
a little ticket doesn't for

spk_0:   13:01
because the halo three was 2007 emoji that.

spk_1:   13:03
Yeah, yes, yeah, next time.

spk_0:   13:08
But you know, I'm in this thing. We're like, I think Halo needs toe have that old school feel, But they need to implement similar mechanics or similar moving or something from Hill. If I Because if you don't attracted to the to the next audience, the franchise will die. Like if you you know, because I consider myself a dinosaur in Halo. Like, you know, it's like if you keep it the same, it would still be popular. But amongst a small group of people Yeah, my dream is that, like they, like 343 can recreate a game that gives the newer generation the stain nostalgia that we got with Halo 12 and three. You know, that's that's my hope. And I've the move to steam was just massive, you know, Like that was like when they when they moved the whole master Chief collection to steam and on PC. I'm like, Okay, that's an Alfa play. You know what I mean? Like, now you just expanded halo to the entire world on PCs and you're not limited it to just one Consul

spk_1:   14:03
does books. Yeah, you know, that was That was smart. Yeah. It should have always been on PC. Relax. Um I mean, Microsoft. You kind of onel peces like with windows. So, like, Hello, right. Like And Pete, take PC master race, too. I mean, I love console gaming going around. It's dedicated machine. Just play video games, right? But but And I look it from, like, the e sports standpoint now where? Like if you want the, like, the high quality, um, thank you for your money. It's unlike everything like that. It's all PC. All of the high hike, Lehigh graphics and everything like that. So yeah,

spk_0:   14:56
yeah, I completely agree with you. And I know I noticed that with gears of war, cause I tried to compete in P J L ah, little what, like earlier this year? And it's like having to go from from PC to console was like, Yikes, you know, like, where did my frames go? Um, you know, So I completely hear that. And I think, But here's here's a question for you there, like with the new Xbox, and even with the new PlayStation that's coming out with how much power they have, like, it's getting pretty damn close to, you. Know, like again, It's never gonna be fully a PC, or it might, I don't know, but

spk_1:   15:32
it's getting close to the strength. Yeah,

spk_0:   15:35
I mean, And don't get me wrong. I'm gonna buy one. I'm fine,

spk_1:   15:38
Crawley. And like, I'm definitely buying the one at the one next series. Exterior is a serious next month. Sirius X. I'm gonna buy that on day one. Um, and so I I grew up. Put the put the next box and then the Xbox 360. We'll try a group of the game Game Cube. But that's, you know, um, but I I switched. Actually, I didn't buy. Uh, sorry. I had the one s for a very brief period of time, and then it ended up not really liking it so that I bought police issued four. So I've been using a PlayStation for for the last little while. Um,

spk_0:   16:20
has it has it turned into a blueberry player yet? And expensive blue replay. Yet

spk_1:   16:23
it has, Um, except for one. Currently, SoCo been 19 like it's a war zone. Just came out. So that's been really, really, really fun. Um, so I mean, yeah, but I know I'm very excited for Hilo infinite. And I think just to answer your question from earlier before, about the state of Halo. Yeah, it's Ah, it's stale. Um, they lost their Eastport era ship. Um, which for the moment, like, like, for the most part? Like well, you think of Hey, Lou, um, I guess right now, most of the fans are the people who continue to watch the e sport and because they've had the gate same game for so long, and it just hasn't changed. Um, it just if they lost they lost the viewership like it went from, like averaging like 100. Maybe, I think maybe 100 K viewers. Now it's down to, like 10,000 maybe even less. It's It's kind of getting sad. People getting bored of the game hands. It's it's sad to see, because I I love Halo. I mean, oxygen supremacy was in Halo before. Not sure if you knew that, um, we had a way. Went toe halo worlds in 2018. Um, in Seattle. That was really, really cool. Um, being whose roster? Ryan nube. Um, we had rain. Yeah, um, I think it was street sick streets. It was on the roster as well and breaking out. Uh mmm. No, no, no, no. We did have the missus before the, um, prototype. I

spk_0:   18:20
got it. Yeah. And those air. That's old roster. Yeah,

spk_1:   18:24
um, unfortunately, ended up choking in our last game against the U team Infused replaced nights. But it was, uh it's really cool experience because it was like, that was my first halo event. And that being a world championship, um, just to go in to see, like there was like, a halo, like there was a master chief statue outside. Um, and like you just like the epic music that I like playing with you entered And, like, all the lights and just the seeding, And it's just really cool experience. Um and I don't know what was really cool. Is ninja actually, uh, hosted be the cable street for worlds that year? So, yeah, we went from, like, a 20 to 30 k viewership, I think to like 100 and something, Um, you know, shut out to Tyler for her, you know, recognizing who who, like he grew up on him. I hope so. You know, I'm glad East's decided to support his. Ah, his friends

spk_0:   19:39
in the scene. Yeah, and I think that's a good point. You bring up like ninja like a lot of people don't know. That ninja grew up in Halo like that's where he built his foundation. That's, you know, like, biggest

spk_1:   19:51
is oxygen beating luminosity.

spk_0:   19:55
I could say the fetus, you'll never allow them to go. Well, you

spk_1:   20:02
know, no. Uh, h C s Daytona 2017. 19 year old got luminosity. We're keeping mom. We were amateur team. So this is Ryan Nube contract on a few. No contract, no contract. Yeah. So Ryan knew Contra destroyed and nemesis was our roster. Wayne DeMott Systems like a semi pro. Ryan knew Buzz a foot like a semi pro pro. Former. Probably like you. He was kind of jumping in and out of contro. Previously being any g mitt contract was ending. He they loaned him to us and destroyed was a is a, um I am So it was like a semi pro team. And yeah, we we like That was like, the first time we like I've begun to halo and we end up beating women. Aussie, which was crazy, I think. 330 sweet. We've replaced our fifth or sixth that event. So in our first event as an e m t me place, top six switches. Really impressive.

spk_0:   21:11
Yeah. Yeah, no doubt. That's awesome. And you don't like Let the now, man, now it was what school? So it's interesting you bring that up. So I've also noticed amongst all of the chaos, right, Ivan also like amongst all like the cast that is Halo Ninja making the move to mix her. You know what it's like. That's Microsoft's game Halo Infinite coming out and 20? Yep. Night. Right. Big brain exact. Exactly what I am. Trout trout. Tantra. I just see I didn't realize shot. So shroud was he ever in the Hey, listen, I didn't know

spk_1:   21:47
what it is. A former c s go pro.

spk_0:   21:49
I knew that. I just didn't know if he was, like, begin to hit, like lab trial. Translate to that?

spk_1:   21:54
No, but because he's, like, very good f p s games and because he's on makes there as one of their big streamers. You have ninja and shroud promoting the game. And I'm pretty sure they're like working behind the scenes with Microsoft on this game, too, because it's their baby payloads. That baby franchise, obviously. And they want to make this perfect. They want to make this game something that the deal Taylor fans like, Well, love. And they want to make this game, um, something that the new fans will like to sew. I mean, when you're working directly with ninja and trout on feedback, I'm pretty sure I mean, it only makes sense to get their feedback. I think I have very high hopes for infinite this year. Um, I believe it's coming out to Syria. November Probably. Yeah, Holiday.

spk_0:   22:48
We'll probably do it. Same thing, like around Halo two, where every halo was released on, like, either November 6th of November 8th or something like that. Yeah, I think that it will probably be so.

spk_1:   22:56
It makes sense that they released the game with with the the Series X and have, like a halo. And in addition to the consul, maybe a

spk_0:   23:06
Limerick Po part. Have you seen the Xbox? Spoke like that? He's pretty cool. Halo concepts up. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was a magician. Yeah, I mean, because I noticed that right off the rip. Like I said, Like when I saw it When I When I listen to his announcement the moment he said, I'm going back to my roots like chills just shot down my entire something like he's talking about Halo like he's He's saying it. He's literally telling us what he's doing right now. Yeah, you know? Yep. Is a great thing, man.

spk_1:   23:33
And it's nice because he blew up, blew up because of battle Royals. Imagine it a little bit royal.

spk_0:   23:42
I was gonna ask. So because the community is again very divided and to tell you the truth, I was on I until war zone. I was on the opposite side of a BR like I truly a war zone to me kind of changed the way I look at be ours Like I've really enjoyed

spk_1:   23:57
me too because I I never thought like, so war zone Maybe it feels like called duty and battlefield had a baby until, like, the huge map Huge, huge map That is just Yeah, So I feel like he loo. If that became like, if they made it be our Busan, I think it'd be kind of like, similar to, like, a call duty apex legends if they had a big, uh uh, the mechanics of the game would be interesting.

spk_0:   24:31
Yeah. Do you ever? So do you ever for see yourself playing Halo with a mouse and keyboard?

spk_1:   24:39
Um, uh

spk_0:   24:44
so I I just I feel like there's those games that, like, are just built for built for controllers. You don't be like like you just can't call of duty. Feels goto mouse and key like it does. But halo, I'm just like, even if they do, release on PC. Ah, uh, that's not doing that

spk_1:   25:02
I don't know, man. I ah,

spk_0:   25:06
uh, no, no one made you come to know. No, I

spk_1:   25:14
were reverently. I still remember these moments were like when I first picked up the controller and played Halo, too. And like the opening, the opening mission was that, like, you were on the ship going through the thing and they covered it was coming, you know, on the bomb. And then yeah, then, like, I just remember, like, pressing the first buttons. What's funny? What's funny is, actually so the how like the house of the begin right now is actually the house where I started playing the game. Okay, Um, I always I didn't always live here like I've lived here for the last 44 years. Um, but this is like my grandad tells, and upstairs where actually first played a little, so it was pretty cool. It's nostalgic, man. Yeah, that is reaction. I don't have the expected upstairs to you, so it's pretty cool.

spk_0:   26:09
That's sick. Did you ever did your, um, modify original Xbox like, put like, under glow in the see through case and all that stuff on the Yeah, See that? Like that's I miss that man that was so cool to do that.

spk_1:   26:20
Yeah, I had ah, friend's older brother do it for me because I didn't really know how to do it. But like I still wanted it, Monty and I was like, No,

spk_0:   26:29
Oh, yeah, 100% man. Yeah, those those original modern Xboxes were something. It was just like a souped up car.

spk_1:   26:35
Public it. So my Xbox 360 is the Halo Halo three edition. So it's like, uh, it's a pretty cool,

spk_0:   26:43
You know, probably my only regret in life so far is that when I initially sold my original setup, I had the Astro a 50 original Halo John 117 additions. Like with that green, they weren't halo for and I hail five. It was literally original halo a fifties and I sold it. And I can't get him back as, like, my only regret that I ever had. Like,

spk_1:   27:04
I can't find it on you guys.

spk_0:   27:06
I can, but it's like I want it. You know your own. Yeah, Yeah. Where I wanted brand new. You don't know. You know Microsoft, can you make me one, please? You know, but you know, thanks for like thanks for indulging in the halo talk. It's always nice toe. Meet that and you know, it's just It's a game that I don't care who you are in today's that if you're around our age like any, any time around anything, right between 20 and 30 anywhere between 20 and 40. Really like you. You grew up playing Halo like that was just land parties and 16 players, right? Yes. See, I want infinite to be able to simulate that type of experience it like, What does it look like in 2020? What does it look like in 2021? If they can replicate that same experience to this newer generation, I have a feeling we're gonna be able to see Halo at its prime almost destroyed. And in its second coming, you don't mean like, what a cool thing to be able to see it come literally full circle. You know, um, that's the dream.

spk_1:   28:10
And I don't know if you saw, but d I'm assuming you you are very familiar with with a little competitive. Did you see that the old optic roster talks is now with sentinels?

spk_0:   28:24
You know, I did not like the Well, with the exception of fraud, with the exception of Frosty

spk_1:   28:29
was accepted the frosty. So who's it's Ah, I think a PG replaced Frosty. All

spk_0:   28:34
right. I did notice that.

spk_1:   28:37
Yeah. So they have like you. So talks gave him. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's It's They have everyone, except with the exception of Frosty, they have a PG. You

spk_0:   28:53
think side down's coming back?

spk_1:   28:54
Yeah. Without a doubt. Um, mean pistol is already

spk_0:   28:59
back. It's a crazy thing to say, but still Yeah, him and ace both. Yeah, Facebook. Like those kids were those kids or dinosaurs, man. And like I went, I want to see nated up there sometime, man. Like I want to see him, like on the main stage. Gave it

spk_1:   29:19
a role. Like, uh

spk_0:   29:21
uh, That would be incredible, man.

spk_1:   29:24
So, you know, T Square, this playing competitive a text Right now

spk_0:   29:28
I've seen that was funny. Is he? You know, it's funny. It's like his game was halo, too, you know, without a Dalek in Halo five, though, he was hot garbage. Inhale if I'd like we smoked him somebody like we're and we're not even an amateur team. We're just a bunch of home he's playing. You don't really like way smoked him in a matchmaking game. I don't know if he was just having a bad day, but like it was like, Wow, like skill did not translate well for him. And that's why

spk_1:   29:55
I made straight ripping into, you know, an actual organization for a brief period of time. I don't know if they're gonna come back, but it's kind of just stagnant right now. Yeah, that's also one of my one of the things I will never let go is relegating straight refrain from the pro league. We took a lot at Dream Act 2017. Um, in the summer, I start where oxygen supremacy suites straight rip it relegates the like. I just remember being in the stadium and just hearing the chaps oxygen, oxygen because they were like the top AM team going into the event. And yeah, it is that only really laced feeling.

spk_0:   30:46
That's incredible, man. Yeah, that's incredible. And so you know where this is? Probably primarily around eastwards. Like what? Got you, like number one. Like, what was it before Halo? Was there a game that, like, got you hooked or was halo like the game that, like, really like? Like, Okay, I'm obsessed with gaming. Now, what was that first already? Oh, don't

spk_1:   31:06
know Which. Ah, yeah, Because they call. So basically in 2020 2010. So 10 years ago it was Ah, it was like, Holy crap. This is me, Me. Grade seven. It's so seventh grade. This is public. So here in Canada, that's we don't have middle school where I where I am. So seventh grade is like, the end of elementary school, and then great eight is they created this high school, so 8 to 12. This high school before high school. Um, I'm in seventh grade. Like going home like I'd wake up in the morning eight s. So this is like so September is one halo Reach came out. I grinded that gigs every single second I had go home, finish my homework, player. Reach on the weekends. 13 14 hour days. It just halo reach like they're both days. It was just all it was. Play with hailer, each like I think it it was the kind of like and I remember looking at, like, the halo waypoint database of like looking at the leaderboards of like looking at, like, where Breaking? I'm just like I got it. Got to do better and like, yes, nobody. But it was when black UPS one came out for cold duty. That was same year, like it's two months after. That's the game that really got me into esports because that's what I learned about, like the pros. Like Stump, um made shot. I'm assuming you know them. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that's like what got me into EA Sports and what it got me thinking. And then that's when I started learning about events. Um, because I watched brief Halo events before while you two clips. But I never really like I feel like it was a little too young to understand everything. I kind of just when I was a little kid, it was just like, All right, let's play games, Whatever. Oh, cool. They're playing games. That's really cool. What they're doing, I want to do it, too. But I didn't really understand what the hell is going on until I got a little bit older. But yeah, like Halo, our so called duty Black Ops one was like the first game that really um, got me into competitive and lake ever since then. That's like, uh, like I was there during the formation of face, clan and optic gaming, Seeing them rise to the fame that they are like being a fan from I mean, I've been a fan of phase climb for this is their 10 year anniversary this year, actually. So I've been a fan since, like, 2011. Um, so it's been a very, very long time in the optic gaming. Lee, I've been offense. It's, like, maybe, like, 20 the same thing. 2010 2011. Yeah. I remember watching, um this this big optic remember? His name is Predator.

spk_0:   34:21
Yeah. Yeah, for a predator

spk_1:   34:23
predator on dhe. Just watching him like sniping in called duty was really cool to, um okay, I just I was so into the optic Pecos like like I was just so like as a fan, I was so involved with liking their tweets or liking better, like your YouTube videos and everything like that. And just like, replying. And I was just a huge fan boy logic. Yeah. Um, but that's what really got me into sports. No,

spk_0:   34:54
it's also in Hex. I mean shot the hex man like like they were doing, like, hexane and the folks that phase. We're doing that before, like this. Like before any of this happened. You know what I mean? Like, it was such a brand new territory. And I love listening to hexes podcast about some of the early days of optic. Like because it was like, Yeah, man, Yeah. The Easter is one of my favorite podcasts, cause like, he dropped, he dropped so much knowledge in there, and it's it's so fascinating to hear the history behind what they did because it was literally them and nobody else. Like they were doing this. They were creating storylines on YouTube before you to blow up like they were like, it was It was what I what I really respect about that. And I and I can see some similarities in what you've got, like, what oxygen is doing. Is that its content first and e sports? We're a content creation company who just so happens to have the sports teams. You know what I mean? Um, and I wanna ask you a little bit about that, You know, like, I have my own opinion on it meal, but it's someone who isn't order owner. You know why? Content first, then EA Sports. And why not? EA Sports first and then content

spk_1:   35:55
conference drives the story line. It creates that, um, and it's what your fans and your viewership. Um, they want to see that first. It's kind of like what attracts them. See, sports is cool. You can You can have it like any sports team. Win all these tournaments. But if you have no content to back it up, you will lose your hype. You will. You won't have a you. You'll have a fan base, but it won't like content allows you to expand that it allows someone to, like, kind of like you could grab their attention and like it ain't it. And, um, most content it, like with the sports teams. A lot of content is literally like highlights of the tournament or even being at the tournament, showcasing like a like a docuseries of like the rising like the rise of your team and then, like possibly the downfall. I mean, um, I don't know if you are you are you are you big optic family D Did you watch the content before.

spk_0:   37:05
So I said, to tell you the truth with with YouTube content, I'm honestly, you know, it's crazy. Like how I am a constant crater. But, like, I'm just now diving into you too, you know? So it's like, not a whole lot like I've seen bits and pieces, but not, you know, like I know I haven't.

spk_1:   37:21
Okay, so go to the I have given you to care when you get the chance of watch tradition. Vision vision, basically is a docuseries that optic made, um, where they have each episode. And, um, it basically shows you, like, kind of like a like a behind the scenes of what goes on between these events. Um, it gives update of what's happening to the team as they as they go a cz. The days go by. It's such a cool concept, a b depiction. Siri's I I just Yeah, and, um, it's really cool. It's really, really, really cool, Andi, something I can see us doing in the future as we continue to expand, um, as we start to grow more and eventually get a content house, which is the dream, very few organizations are able to do that and be ableto self so self sustain. But, um, yeah, I mean, uh, yeah,

spk_0:   38:34
yeah, that's no, actually, actually just threw it up on another tab when you said that. So you bring up some interesting things dogs going nuts in the background of the dream is for me to have soundproof walls of but, you know, So it's interesting that you brought it up you like, because, like, very few teams actually have the house, you know, you saw like Optic, of course, was probably the first to have it. You know, a phase has it reciprocity, you know, to someone had it, um, you know, and it's like, um, it's not specifically around that, but it's, you know, it's around. A lot of it's around East sports in its current state. You know, you see, a lot of the Kobe nineteen's have happened and, like Wreck had to pull their gears team. They had to basically little their management go. They had to like there was a lot of stuff that happened there, and it's like, you know, are all of these e sports teams, like, just so reliant on funding, you know, and like what's gonna happen to them, you know, like it just

spk_1:   39:31
that's a That's a huge controversy right now on Twitter. Um, I saw a lot of like industry friends talk about it and realistically, a lot of the sport. So Lake? Yeah, going back until a why Conference first in the sport's first content is a huge revenue stream. Um, with a team of reciprocity, I feel like I felt like that's one thing. They were Colonel Lackey. There were 40 sports focused, that content. And as far as I know, like I didn't even know. Even if they have content, I don't I as a like a viewer in the industry. I don't even know that silly. Yeah, it was just like on that. I recommend one of the reasons why content is such a big focus for some of these breads, because it is a huge. It's a huge revenue stream. Sponsors will pay, like will pay for product placements in in this content, that's how you making, I'll tell you generated the revenue. And if you're making funny entertaining content that build your did your fan base and you also make, you can make money off of flight. Murch. Murch is huge. Any sports? Three amount of money, optic and face and made over the years off merch is probably insane. Um,

spk_0:   40:51
1%. Yeah. So that's Ah, yeah.

spk_1:   40:57
So, like, reciprocity losing out because of the whole covert 19. I'm losing their Yes. They were about to go public from when I heard what I heard. Um, it's really unfortunate, because I have a lot of respect for Chad. Who is the founder and reciprocity.

spk_0:   41:16
I got to meet him at that. No, Love it. I love Chad. Yeah, yeah, I have to meet him. Yeah, right after a loss in Lost, like was tied down, was on there and over to, you know, knows over one was like, Oh,

spk_1:   41:26
here's a cool thing before Chad mean reciprocity. He was He was the president of a company called Millennial EA Sports. Uh, and millennia Esports was this. I don't know how to describe them, because if they did a bunch of things, but they were broadcasting the amateur circuit for for the proceed like it wasn't through hcs directly, but like for the top amateur teams, they had to a little tournament called the Legendary Cup where you like you like you went like, 3000 of her first rate for first place you want so oxygen won all four of them. Um and we actually got invited by melon, millennial EA Sports and Chad to go to Vegas for a boot camp where we played. I believe it was 30 matches of Halo with envy. Wow. Which at the time was the second best picked Memon optic. They were like two top teams. And then, like, splice came out of nowhere. This

spk_0:   42:40
right, people, shots, shots we have. And that's all we need to say about that. Something happened That was insane. You must group Ougadougou.

spk_1:   42:50
Um, year old on that team when you

spk_0:   42:54
had who got was on m V. I'm really wants

spk_1:   42:56
sole greater the coup pistol. A monster who pistol a state down And who was the fourth? I

spk_0:   43:03
can't, uh, listen, it was I don't think it was Ola, but I all I remember

spk_1:   43:08
it was who staked out and Bastola. But who the fourth was now?

spk_0:   43:15
Yeah, I don't know. All right. What was it? One of them? Was it one of Ah, was it Royer lunch?

spk_1:   43:22
No, because they were a Yogi. Still,

spk_0:   43:24
Jonny G. That's right. That's right. Yeah, that was a nasty squad. All I remember was who kidding that, um, that thrust slide, no scope on Eden toe. Like when the like win a championship Siri's. And like Like the dude he was on like blue. He was on, like, ah, blue Bend and shot the guy on the catwalk from, like, how iose Nick would Nick Wynne monster. What? Um what? Um I hear you know, Mick, when actually reminds me a lot of ninja like they have very similar, like, play styles and demeanors and stuff like it's like they're very streaky players to where it was like a ninja was fun to watch. But, man, when he was off wolf, it was It was It was it was tough to watch, you know, But

spk_1:   44:06
we had that boot camp with with envy, and it was just really cool experience with Chad, though, um,

spk_0:   44:14
that's a great guy.

spk_1:   44:15
Yeah, he he, like, treated by players to like they like they were playing top gulf, and they were like, doing this like they like turning into a whole docuseries too. So you want to look it up on YouTube later. Yeah, probably typing Oxygen's pregnancy, Belinelli Sports and B. It's pretty cool. Video?

spk_0:   44:36
Absolutely. Um uh, Boots. There we go. Yeah, and give me a lot of good content to watch. That's cool. Um, you know, so when it comes So I want this Isn't you know, something I had planned? But it's just a question for you now that Overwatch and Kat had franchised, you know, Do you see? And now it's like we're looking at, like, these teams that have, like, you know, $25 million buy ins, you know, and it's just that's just, like, absolutely bonkers. I mean, even 100 thieves didn't even, um, decide to compete in cod, you know? So do you see, is that the way of e sports? Or is Do you think that there's gonna be this like, That's it? It's just gonna be caught in Overwatch, you know? I mean, like, I just How does one get there and do you agree with it? I'm gonna ask you that.

spk_1:   45:40
So I understand the buy in's and why they're expensive and why they're trying to build a foundation for for Franchising. Um, but I felt like the viewership for both games were there. Oh, Overwatch on opening day. Hit 400,000 years. Was pretty pretty good. Um, quite a few people, but I don't know. I just feel like the game has a lot of fans, but I don't know if it has that many fans to sustain itself as a franchise. Lee for so long. I was just very surprised that that was the first franchise league like Leah legends franchised eventually. But they decided to keep all their teeth to pick the cloud. Nine The T S Emmett that state with legal legends. And that was smart, really, really smart. Um, because of the families that the had think that was attached, the brand, its authority And, like they were rooting for cloud9. Um, for example, now that with a win over watch expanded into Franchising like they thought they couldn't be optic gaming in the game, they had to do Houston outlaws. They had to Dallas, Dallas, and I have to do the entire or outside does fuel adults

spk_0:   47:19
Jewel Mendel's empires. What ideas

spk_1:   47:21
like like when you look it just hopping in tow called duty, For example, France hasn't called. Didi, in my opinion, was not the right move. Um, I don't believe that your ship, the viewership called the cultural viewership has been steady, like, has been decreasing over. Like he keeps decreasing. And it keeps accusing, like it like that. It keeps going like it was, like, back in, like, 2013 2014. That was like a peak. And now it's just like the viewership is just going down. And, like, I just didn't understand why it franchised. Um, in some ways, I do it just like I get it. Um, but but I'm I'm kind of against it family because you got rid of a lot of the big brands. So we're in the game? Yeah, like C l Serge. That was luminosity gaming. But the luminosity built a huge name in the in the scene. And now all son fans have to root for a city. I mean, I guess that's cool, that that element of Franchising is cool, but you can represent your city right for them. But I don't know. I feel like that, Like, fans have kind of, like had this attachment to a certain organization in the game already Mmm. So

spk_0:   48:56
tell me. But tell him, Tell me this. So So I I see. I see where you're coming from. Just one offer, A different perspective. So it's like the goal, at least from what I see is the goal is to, like, normalize EA sports where it's like it's in, like, a mainstream thing. So I'll tell you this like, um, you know, when I talkto, you know, my IRA friends of people at work and, you know, and people who don't just watch traditional sports. Like when I bought the Dallas Empire Hoody, they started paying attention. They're like, Oh, shit, you know, like That's like, you know, it's like because, see, I think I like. And from where I'm coming from you as the viewer and as the player is the fan and you know as ah hopefully to be entrepreneur soon, you know, it's like, you know, I think that it's such a cool thing that, like I can go on fanatics and buy a call duty Hoody. You mean like I think that that like, helps normalize it towards like you start slowly, and to me, it depends on marketing. If they market it to not like if they market heavily and non gamers and advertised to non gamers and, like, figure out a way to do market research toward the tracks, the football audience or the basketball audience. Or, you know, you get that kind of clout. And then you had that kind of recognition has the potential.

spk_1:   50:04
Yeah, I I definitely agree with with I saw I definitely saw Franchising happening like waited on the road. But I like in the currency of the game's got Two games are currently there's three games franchised legal agents. Makes sense. Um, without it out, um, franchise in that game. I love it. Uh, but the other two. I'm one defense about it because I do agree with all your points. Um, deaf that you want to make it mean mainstream, but like it's you want to get a mainstream. But the sustainability of the games I don't know if it's there. I guess we'll have to wait and see, but I just Yeah, thief. I don't need to say this, but I like there's a big possibility that a lot of these franchises are going to crash and burn. They're gonna waste their money And when they do, a lot of investors will not want to invest in the space. And that might kill EA sports. Very interesting. That might kill it because, like, if the stair like investing into these games and they lose out on so much, so many millions of dollars, right, what's gonna make them want to invest more money into into the space, right? Yeah. No, you're right. It hurts to like from a from like an owner standpoint. When someone that's been in history for a little bit for a little while, they I can understand the decision to franchise. But I can also under I can also view it from a sample. And we're like you just if you like. Yeah, there's a There's a few even a few Overwatch teams that have a very weak grad presence content. Not really there. Um, the city choice was interesting for remover. Overwatch. I'm not going to name any the cities, but like a few of the city is that I would agree why they franchise there. That specific spot. Um, I felt like the with over Awasthi. Um, the expansion was a little bit too quick. I get that they wanted more teams more money into the leak. But, uh, I don't know. We'll have to wait and see. Like how everything plays out. Because who knows? Maybe maybe a viewership will start to Greece. Um, although it is very interesting because of this whole cove in 19 stuff. Um, they've had to cancel a lot of land tournaments, but you know that it's still able to keep the online like they're able to do online matches now, which is interesting. Yeah. And, um, no one no one can watch sports

spk_0:   53:19
that also cleared, right? Right. So I was like, the perfect opportunity for it, you know,

spk_1:   53:25
here is like a great time for East Sports to kind of rise and turned into the mainstream. Um, once people are watching, but, uh, it gave my counter strike see us go is is ah getting a over one million CCTV and say over one million concurred viewers. That's what That Yeah, Yeah, that's a lot of people watching C s go. So a

spk_0:   53:59
game that's like X number of years old, like I could forget how old C. S Cho is like

spk_1:   54:04
Yes, Yes, itself is like 20 years old like C s go probably out since 2013. Yeah, he was holding something that, like seven years old, skidding one billion people watching still like it's it's still a lot of height.

spk_0:   54:22
See, I I think that, you know, like E. I read some like hot take on Reddit about the halo ea Sports. Seems like I think Halo probably could have attracted that same viewership if you would have stayed with two and three like because, like all the pros moved to four and everyone knows you know any halo fan like we just or is like talking about Baltimore, you just don't talk about it. It's like it's like no, like before is like this, like you know, is What was this

spk_1:   54:48
on? We're talking. I didn't even mention for a little right. Exactly were double to three. They were with the five I've waited, talked about reach a little bit, but it's what, after each would just wait with

spk_0:   55:01
the far right. So why even let's move before you know So like, why? Like yeah, so that's always like something interesting. You look at counter strike again, a Countess Eichorst Esko name. That's like you know, it was like like, 7 to 10 years old. It's attracting one million viewers, you know, it's like, Well, obviously hindsight's 2020 You know, we're here right now, and obviously they didn't do that. But you just gotta wonder. You don't mean, um this, By

spk_1:   55:27
the way, this it's supposed to be chief, um, at the beginning of four. How he should have looked instead of big in the inside. That, like in computer

spk_0:   55:40
things with a plastic bottle rifle? Yeah. He

spk_1:   55:44
should have been all damage like this, you know, Right? Yeah, but the

spk_0:   55:49
army out of the way, like

spk_1:   55:50
the artist was like, I felt like he should have been, like, you know, you know, like damage here. They're like, you came. You came to the mission looking like cleaners. Hell,

spk_0:   56:03
I don't see the halo three. You don't be like exactly, huh? I know, I know. That's a That's a That's a sense of right. So, you know, I think I think we kind of mentioned this. Now, you know, we talked a little bit about one element of it, but when it comes to like, where do you see e Sports in 5 to 10 years. Like right, Like what the state is currently in right now, and you have to lose their Franchising. Couple of them that are, you know, there's it's kind of like the wild wild West out here right now. You know, it's like it's just Ah, it's like a land grabbing people are, you know, learning and making mistakes and some making bigger mistakes and others and some ex selling. And it's like it just seems just so. It goes in, like, 18,000 different directions.

spk_1:   56:47
So I'm not gonna answer the 10 years because it's I can't even predict that five years. I don't know. I see, like most leaks Franchising by then, like in terms of like Tier one Blake. When you're talking to your one of your sports CS go legal evidence and dodo Overwatch, Call of duty it It's hard for me to like, say called Like to be called duty was never a care. What are, uh it might have been tier one, maybe in, like, 2013 2014. But, like for me, I would consider it like a tear to because of the prize pools, huh? Just the viewership was just like from to me, viewership is it means a lot. It means, like, who's watching, who supported your teams and lake. Although the warnings I mentioned they have, they like, average a huge viewership. Um, priest words, when it

spk_0:   57:49
comes to dear, only interrupt you like when it comes to Tier one, Tier two like, What's the main difference between just like so? If people are watching that are listening that haven't don't really know about that, what does that mean?

spk_1:   57:58
Um here. So, like through two meaning like it's it's it's the competitive spaces. Well developed, I guess, is the best way to explain it. Where 2 to 1, Um, it's been in the scene for a while. Um, it has a curtain like a great foundation in terms of like to take the developer and and also the has a big fan base. I would say, Um, I stayed here, too, because it's like it's getting there to that point where you can become like a beatnik. I guess the best way to explain it is the people who are competing in a tear. When any sport are you able to do this as a full time living comfortably here, too. It's like they're like, There's a lot of call Didi prose that make a good living. So I guess that's why it's your one. But like if you look at other games, other sports like all the other ones, maybe like the players out of the top 10 top 16 they don't make a living out of this like I'll go to will Jump to Gives a war, for example.

spk_0:   59:17
Yeah, the Dumpster fire right now,

spk_1:   59:20
like there are Pro League teams only asking for $500 per player per month. How do you survive off for $500 Realistically, like it makes sense that even order has its own TV. Give $500 to them because of the viewership because of their return on investment? Um, how they could make money back from from these teams. And that's what sets the tears because of R A. Y. Um, basically, it's your r a y. Because if you in these Tier one e sports League of legends of your investing till you agents, I don't know, like I've never really been involved in illegal agents in terms of like to buy the seeds, so I don't know. But, like, I can assume that you make a look a decent men of money back. I wouldn't see you. You're probably losing out because of a lot of it. Salary players. Um, but I'm assuming you make a lot from, like, merge sales ticket sales whatnot. Um, but yeah, I would say that What? What the players make is kind of what defines the tears indoor. Yes. Yeah,

spk_0:   1:0:35
yeah, I got it. Okay. No, I'm

spk_1:   1:0:38
not completely accurate about this, But like, and that's just the idea of kind of like, Yeah, well,

spk_0:   1:0:45
no. And yet into me, that makes sense. It just It's just to help you because part of what I want to do is, you know, you know, in addition to kind of what I was talking about, like with main exports, going mainstream is like, if someone's, you know, I have a pretty diverse audience. I have my gaming audience on Twitter, you know, and I have, Ah, my friends audience on you on Facebook. You know what it's like and they, you know, they don't know anything about e sports. They don't, you know, it's like, Well, some may know a little bit, but you know, it's when it comes to the business side of when it comes to the space where it's currently at. That's why I ask that because the best thing I could compare it to would be like D one D two in college. You know, I mean, towards, like, got these different divisions. Yeah, Yeah, it's so is to help normalize it.

spk_1:   1:1:23
So, like, basically games like called duty Burke. Yeah, Yes. Called. Did he now called Didi Overwatch? I mean, called it an Overwatch. I believe the minimum salary is $50,000 a year for the contract. Let's That's a little bleach. Um, see Esko legal legend. Stoda. Those are your like an hln NBA NFL type of things for them, Like you go down the tier two. It's kind of like the college level. I guess truth is kind of like, you know, maybe semi pro like all like they're like other leagues outside of like the main league. Um, best way to describe it for is like, basically and being like N B A, for example, like if you're playing in Europe, you're making way less so like that's maybe like, but you could care till they get here to where you're making decent money. But like it's not it's not to the mainstream. Look, you don't have all the pickle, the huge fan base, like, took the tier one. Yeah, I

spk_0:   1:2:27
got it. Yeah. No, no, no. I said no. Thanks for yet. Thanks for Ahh. Thanks for asking that. Um yeah. So I'm gonna wrap it up a little bit here, You know, when it comes to you. So just to give you some context behind the question like my my family, um, especially at the time you look at, you know, when I was in junior high and high school was Good lord, you know, 2000 5010. That's insane. Um, you know, But they grew up. Gradient I graduate has gone to Doesn't

spk_1:   1:2:56
Okay. Oh, yeah. It's the 27. A pretty 20. Just 28 20 years or so. My God, you're a night high school 2016. So

spk_0:   1:3:09
I guess so. Not. Not too far apart, you know, But when, especially around my age group, Or like whenever I was in that at that time, like it was basically when Halo two and Halo three were really alive and well, um, you know, I really wanted so bad to go compete in, like an emoji event. Like I was actually invited to join an amateur team at the time. I believe it is at the end of Halo two, maybe the beginning, Halo three. And I just remember the thought coming through my head is like, I am not gonna go ask my parents to go play video games in Dallas with a bunch of strangers I met on the Internet, Right, Because you think about the conversation back then. It's like that was like the norm. It's like everyone on the Internet was out to get you. And it was this weird thing and it was like that thought never like I never even thought to ask him. And so it was always kind of like, wasn't demonised, but they always looked at it as like, a waste of time, you know, and it's like it was like this thing that you just like, kind of hide out and you're not social, and you're not like being you're not participating in life and fast forward to today where you know that you can make a living off of this now, you know, And it's now the cool thing to do. And you know? So what do you say? You know, what do you say to parents If their kids are, like, wanting to get into the East sports scene? You know, like, what do you like? What do you tell them? If they have hesitation? Like, what? Do you like, Basic? Like what advice you give them. I

spk_1:   1:4:29
think of the kid. Wants again to use sports.

spk_0:   1:4:30
Yeah. Yeah. Like from an organ of perspective. You know, it's like, if how do you encourage it? Do you? Denies it. I like to encourage

spk_1:   1:4:37
it. Um well, there's something really cool that's being developed in in the United States. Um, it's called. It's like the highest school collegiate Mmm. Level where it's like, uh, spy played versus I believe. I think, um, where they're starting to build collegiate, Um, that bill trying to build leagues, like on the collegiate level. And it's kind of a way to kind of get kids into t sports. I like it. Ah, movie fan of that, um, I can understand the hesitation because even like my parents, like even like, fly me flying to and I'm to be a bunch of strangers for my first energy event, right? They were like, What are you doing? Why are you going? Um, who are these people? I'm just, like, other. Just my friends on on a box. A clearly my first event. I never met the people I was with. It was a really, really cool experience. This is June 2016. Literally. So my first my first e sports event was, um, right after my problem. I had my problem for high school grad and literally I kid you, Not this. I had a 6 a.m. Flight on a Friday, the flight l A. And it was like, right, like probably the night before and at the flu got complained. And it was just like I met a bunch of strangers here. Someone like, but get back to the question. Yeah, I definitely courage, like, encourage letting your kid explore this. Um, I've actually I've been in an adviser to parents before letting their kid compete for letting their kid explore this space. Like I've talked to many parents about it before, and they're like with a 21 year old or 20 years. Look at the time, 20 year old 19 year old, But I'm kind of like I kind of told him my experience with everything and how I handled it. I definitely proceed with caution. Um, I definitely make sure if if they are, if their kid is going to an event. I encouraged the parent to actually go to the event with the kids if they if they don't feel safe. Because, like a lot of the time, these events they have, they have an area for Spectators. Even if, like maybe even like I feel like a lot of dads. Carly Kirk. Certainly some of them are into, like, the shooter games. So, like, sometimes they haven't addressed and they build, they'll go with their kids. Um, but

spk_0:   1:7:29
I mean to even it. Spartans parents still go to the sports events with them. Like sports. Like I love that. I love seeing that Dude. Dude, Dude, dude. No foe. But I have a story about that. Is it good for the podcast? Yeah. I mean, they were

spk_1:   1:7:52
casing, like I briefly month of, like, didn't really officially meet them, but basically, we're playing them Once we were playing the eso before worlds and 2018 we went to Ah, Columbus for the North American Championship. That's where we placed fifth. Ah, 56. But we lost to reciprocity. Which sparked was on. His parents were there with him in the little crowd that we had maybe 30 people in the crowd because it was that the apology arena. So, like it was just let go. Basically, ah, stadium for for competing. But it wasn't like a full gaming scene where you had, like, a live audience, the only people that were allowed ID our order under his parents and, like just people like I have a pass to get it. Um, Piast Martin's parents were there. They were allowed. They had, they were they were getting height and ah, let's just say like it was not. It was definitely not a good feeling to be on the other side. I'll leave it at that. Yeah, yeah, let's leave it at

spk_0:   1:9:08
that. Yeah, leave. It is a good Yeah, it

spk_1:   1:9:11
was Ah, they definitely got really into it. And it was really It was really cool to see because, like to see parents support their kids that much get height and actually know what's going on. That's pretty cool. What, that really that cool? That's and I always loved that. I think that's kind of the one of the reasons why you get good grades. This is something that you like your kid could actually make a living off of. If they're really passionate about it, left him go for it because, like Holy Copters, so much money to be made if you fi do it right, yeah, it's just, you know, school. But I will say this school is important if you have the opening go school, go to school. But but there is a huge collegiate market now in like universities. You could you could develop your EA Sports career in university. There's degrees to due East Force banishment. There's degrees toot like where you could get your business degree while competing for the collegiate level sports data. So if you have a passion for school still an option like they're creating schools now four e sports, it's It's crazy. It's

spk_0:   1:10:32
insane, man. It's insane because I ended with What's really cool to see is here in Texas, you're seeing ah lot of its sprout up around the Dallas area. You know, Dallas is a huge. It's like it's like the metaphor. It's like it's like the epicenter for you know what I mean. Like like a

spk_1:   1:10:48
funny enough, I thought about moving to Texas kisses like faulty sports development coming

spk_0:   1:10:54
Peru, like you got the Sports Arena in Arlington. You have companies like GE Eclipse. You know that there are huge, you know, huge collegiate, you know, like a college athlete league, Even the University of Texas here in Austin, like they have their own. You know, they have their own legal legends team, and it's they have their own. They have their own deal, and it's just even some of the other university right across the street. For me, Concordia has, like any sports, you know, sports sector. And it's just like I just think it's a great thing to work like you don't have, because back when we were there, it was like school or East, you know, it was like it was like an or, you know, Now it's an and so it's like, Yeah, what a cool thing, You know, um, before just off

spk_1:   1:11:32
before you have to choose

spk_0:   1:11:34
you had to choose or you had to, like, make some major sacrifices to your social life if you wanted to do both. You know, like a major major, major sacrifices and some did it. You know something? Some did it and props to him. You know, it's like that's it just shows that it just goes to show like when you really love something like it's Whatever situation you're in, if you want it to be possible, you're gonna make it possible like it's gonna happen. Yes, Um, I'll follow up to that. You know, for anyone up and coming into the sports league, you know, as from a player perspective when it comes to, you know, making it in the space or like wanting to be a competitive er you know what do you what do you about what advice you give to someone that just had a thought? Like, you know what, man? I'm good at this game. I want to start competing. How do I get into it?

spk_1:   1:12:19
Enter online tournaments. Even if parents are hesitant to send a kid to it. Event. Let them play these tournaments online, see, let them test the waters to see how they are doing. Called like I I had a big opportunity the iron to throw away when I was ah, in the eighth grade. Um, I'll talk to you the like, tell you later, later about it. Um, but it still hurts. Hurts me like to see where, where that opportunity that could have been. What? It Ah,

spk_0:   1:13:07
yeah, I'm I I'm still like I'm I'm happy with where I'm at

spk_1:   1:13:11
right now with things, but I just only imagined if I if I took the opportunity back then when I was like in that age, um definitely probably would be in school. Yeah, but, um, if if your kid is passionate about something, be there to support them. And if you're a player looking to get into this I mean, there's a lot of like this is a huge There's a lot of online tournaments now, depending on what game you're playing. But I'm pretty sure, like 99% of them having all on tournament to qualify, even for the the the armature is like people who were just trying to get started down. Try it out. You don't see how you d'oh. See if you're if you can. Completely. If it you're like winning, these things may be explored. Toe like actual instruments. You never know. I mean, now is the time. It's the time to get into sports. If you're If you're going and you want to compete, do it now. Do it now, before you before you get older and you start to regret it.

spk_0:   1:14:25
Solid advice, man. Um, you know, it's and from, ah, on the on the flip side of the coin. You know, for kids who are wanting Thio compete, you know, because we're you know, you're a constant first organization, you know, when it comes to build it, you know, when it comes to brand building, I guess that was kind of more along the lines of the questions. So I'll just, you know, ask that ask a different one was when it comes to the players wanting to get to the scene, you know, like, when it comes to building content, where do they you know, where did they even start? You know what? Social platform, what? What type of condoms they produce? Just any advice on that?

spk_1:   1:14:55
So, um, advice for, like, players who were trying to compete, but also bake on the other side. Um, twitch. Huge. Put it on YouTube. Um, what kind of hot? That you could produce some examples. If you're playing a tournament, you can literally stream the tournament you're playing on twitch. People like to wash that. It's it's a threat. Like it like you. Um, for example, yesterday I had my players compete in the F NCS, which is the fortnight fortnight online tournament, and they were streaming. They're they're streaming as they were playing, and that was really interesting because, like, we got to watch little, you know, play. And in this tournament that's not being casted. And it was cool to be able to see how they're doing and cheer for the lake If your if your friends or family want to see what you're doing, Um, and how you doing? You can literally showcase that. Didn't buy vice live streaming on twitch. Yeah, um, attempts type the content. It be like, maybe like if you're playing a game, I call duty, maybe a showcase, like a six play that you made, like where you killed, like, three or four people. And then you defuse the bomb or something like that, Like Snd or something, Um, and posted to YouTube or Post commentary about your game played on enough. There's so many different things, but like YouTube and twitch, huge platforms to go, Twitter is a huge platform for social media. Um, Instagram. I feel like Instagram is kind of underutilized. Any sports more kind of half and half the sports teams utilize it. But, like I personally feel like EA sports players should use certain utilizing and said that more you could get a huge reach. A lot of people use instagram put a lot of good content on their talk growing platform right now, still growing. It has more active users and Twitter. Since Saint has 500 billion active users, it's not Foot Air has 320 absolutely bonkers nobles. It's like on the pass of being double Twitter. Um, and it's like half of Facebook. Yeah, and like, yeah, I mean, talk huge, huge platform to make content right now, like I have so many ideas for Tick that that I'm going to start adventure, exude Uh, yeah, there's a lot of platforms that you can choke. He's content and even if you don't end up pursuing like pro pro gaming, Pete, like if you're if you like, love to play games and you give it a shot and like showcasing what you do on a platform, people might like it. And then Mike give you the ability to even start making doing content creation a za living too. So if your passion about gaming get on it now

spk_0:   1:18:17
listen the man,

spk_1:   1:18:18
it's it's it's a wave right now. So

spk_0:   1:18:21
you do it. Mazel. Ride it right. That's Ah. I think we're doing that in our own respective ways. You know? I mean, like, it's it's what I've done to be alive. Yeah. Yeah. Like when I when I was handed my first game boy when I was a kid, Like when I had the game boy color. That was my very first consul, If you will like, I would if you would have told me that in, like, 15 years, like it was gonna be the next generation of us being able to, like, be able to make a living off of video games were told you're absolutely nuts, you know, Um, it just

spk_1:   1:18:52
says get more color was actually first Um Well, it was the first thing the first had health Consul. I played Sorry, my first consul or my first handheld console with E way allowed it.

spk_0:   1:19:15
That's insane. Oh, my God. Sp SP. Yep. I had the red one

spk_1:   1:19:23
that's going directly. Come on. Leaf green

spk_0:   1:19:27
in his eyes. I know Pokemon game is in their e that

spk_1:   1:19:32
day and the room was like, Holy crap, You still have that. I'm like, Yep, I've had that gay boy SP Um Oh, poorly. Probably like 17 years.

spk_0:   1:19:46
That's insane. What? What? What I want Or because I never I didn't have the very first game where the game boy color was technically the second generation. It wasn't even a color screen, but it was just because the case of

spk_1:   1:20:00
color, like there was like it was ago. Translucent purple. I remember we

spk_0:   1:20:04
had That wasn't what I had. That was yeah, because they had a solid blew a solid green, and then they had the translucent purple. Yep. Oh, yeah. I don't have it. But I had it, you know, because they didn't get boy advanced. Not the S P, but the fat one. Yeah, that one had

spk_1:   1:20:22
a translucent 12 and a purple one. I remember that I had the translucent one for the for the events.

spk_0:   1:20:31
That's awesome. And see, I didn't have the events. I I skipped. I went from the game boy color to the straight to the SP. That was the one I had. No, I didn't have the advance I didn't have. What's

spk_1:   1:20:39
funny is I got to you that after my SP. That's insane because I wanted to. I want to Like I was like, I want to feel like what it was like to like, how we grow bigger. Haven't, like, held like that. So But then I really think I gave it to a friend. Yeah, and then I went to the d s. That was revolutionary, because we've got to use the stylist. And, like, I was like, Holy crap, do whatever is in our four. Mmm. No, that's a pretty sight. It was. It was like scabbing. It was like scabbing. All the developers of these games, like you got to have any game you want for freed was just like holy crap.

spk_0:   1:21:24
Kind of like the modern Xboxes. Just go. Yeah, it's like insurance

spk_1:   1:21:28
box 360 and having, like all those games, But but not being able to play online. That's the sucky part.

spk_0:   1:21:35
That's right. Go to Blockbuster rent a game. You know, like speaking of block. But, you know, like back when blockbusters where I think, you know, go renegade referred to the hard. It's crazy. It's crazy. Remember the cool man? It's still have

spk_1:   1:21:48
those service is where you could, like right, Toby? You Gabe.

spk_0:   1:21:53
Mmm Mmm Mmm. Like game Flyer battle fleet dreadlocks. Yeah, you can. Yeah, you actually can. I've seen those in h e B before you go. But, Lord, that's still around. Or like games or digital, though, man like it's like I like as much as I love you. I still have my metal Halo two case. Like till it. I want it all. What?

spk_1:   1:22:12
Merkel ever allowed game rentals online digitally. Do they have? Ah, they don't know the Xbox game pass, which allows you to have, like, a whole library of games, which is really cool when you pay 1% number. That that's really cool. I wonder if they'll have ever have a rental system, though. But I guess I get past like it's pretty cheap. 10 bucks or someone that you get is dirty hole shit to the

spk_0:   1:22:40
games. Yeah, like so. I actually have the Xbox all access Where I actually because they have this promotion for two months. Where I got you had there was three levels, but I got the highest one so I could upgrade to get the automatic upgrade to the Sirius X, But a 30 bucks a month you get a brand new Xbox one x 24 months of game Pass Ultimate, which includes game pass for Xbox PC plus two years of Xbox Live, um, and and, ah, game. And I'm like and you get a 12 month. It was especially ran the time you get a 12 month auto upgrade to the newest consul. When it came out, I'm like, uh huh, yeah, 30. OK, 30. But yep, yep. So they said, I don't recall that it wants us X. I got the XO. If that was only the special with the axe. So if you got the S, it was like an 18 month upgrade, you know? But it's But at the the the ex, they were trying to hustle it out. So it's like

spk_1:   1:23:39
$30 per month is like a contract that assuming then,

spk_0:   1:23:43
problem. I'm sure it is. Like I I jumped on it so quick that I didn't really read a whole lot of the fine print. And so I'm sure I'll be paying 30 bucks a month for a little, um, if you know, to be like, Oh, great. Great. I get the upgrade from the S to the X, and then I get an auto upgrade to the newest consulate, comes out. Uh, sure, e think, why not? You don't stop

spk_1:   1:24:04
at all and you get live too. So, like, I need

spk_0:   1:24:09
us to a pass for 24 months for PC. End for Xbox. Wow, Let's Xbox Life. So game passed. Ultimate has historically 15 bucks a month and already had that some, like, OK, $15 a month extra for an Xbox plus an auto agreed on like, Is this real life? Yeah, no brainer, man. No brainer. But, um, let's go and, uh, go and wrap this up, man. Um, you know Justus for it. Thanks for thanks for doing this, man. This is Ah, it's been really cool. Thanks for kind of diving down the rabbit holes and, you know, going on the halo rabbit hole in the sports rabbit hole. And you know I love this is it's fun. Oh, it's likewise. Likewise. So what? Working people find you where you're the most active. You know, people want to follow

spk_1:   1:25:02
your twitter Twitter quitter. Is it sick? Rose s y N c r o h s on Twitter, Twitch Instagram. You too.

spk_0:   1:25:16
I have handled in. You're the owner of What's the word handle?

spk_1:   1:25:19
Oxygen supremacy. So it's oxygen supremacy. One word, um, find us on Twitter instagram YouTube as well, Which is? Well, um instagrams, actually, oxygen underscore supremacy working on getting the actual full without the underscore. Ah, some kids that had to take it. I don't know why. It's like it's inactive too. And I'm just like, ah, uh, so sad, So sad,

spk_0:   1:25:51
so sad. You'll get that. I've been seeing anything on Twitter where people started to start getting there. The inactive accounts have become released. And so they've given the people, you know, that the handle that they've been wanting, you know it's happening. Be patient. Well, cool man. Um, again, Thanks for coming on. Um, yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and stop you right here. Right? Go guys. Y'all I hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I did. As you can see, we're on a brand new platform Buzz sprout. So if you if you did enjoy the content, it would mean the world If you liked subscribed, downloaded, shared with your friends There's a lot of people from all different walks life that I feel like I'm benefit from this episode. All the other platforms I'm on is Spotify Apple music Gonna follow me on Twitter It's at bonified Gaming twitch ADB Unified gaming Instagram Add bona fide gaming Facebook Guess what that could be ab unified gaming guys Ad bonified Gaming everywhere again. Thank you guys. So much for listening and hope you have a fantastic day.

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