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In this week's episode, Chuck "Phazed" shares his come up into the Gears of War pro scene, we chat about the current state of Gears, and Esports as a whole. This episode is chock-full of good advice for the novice as well as current pro players, and content creators trying to excel and make a name for themselves.

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spk_0:   0:01
good morning and welcome back to week number two of the bona fide experience podcasts, guys, if you were coming back from week number one, I really appreciate that. That first episode was a smash. It got, ah, lot more circulation than I anticipated. A lot of people got some real value out of it, and I'm really excited for this. Next week's episode. Um, we have the one and only Chuck A K a phase from He is a former gears of war pro player as well as Gears of War pro coach um, he drops a lot of nuggets here. Guys, we go, everything. We dive right into his e sports career. How he came about our relationship building is vital. Also transitioning from a player to a coach what that really looked like in addition to that, you know, he gives some really good advice as faras upcoming you two up up incoming twitch partners, you know, current twitch partners or anyone really trying to excel in the constant creation space I'm guessing is good, solid practical advice. They think you know not only myself. It was good for me to hear, but I know it'll be good for you to hear is well, enjoy who? Oh, man. Mr Fei's Welcome onto the so today. How you doing

spk_1:   1:27
s so far so good, man. Thank you for having me.

spk_0:   1:29
Absolutely, brother, you are guest number two. This is the bona fide special. Yeah, but if I experience, I re branded it a little bit. Elia, Vin, thank you so much for doing this. I'm glad we're able to tow work out. Sometimes schedules. I know. We're, you know, Central, Central and East Car Naisse. That's an insult. E West Coast. We were able to. So let's hop right in. First question, I've been started. You know, I really like asking people, um, and I'll give you some context. It's the wise, You know, I think this one of the secrets of especially me progressing in my life is I try to stay as young as possible, and I think especially in this video game world, like, we're all just kind of fighting tooth and nail to stay as young as we can. And so, um, but I also respect the growth period. And my thing is, I want to grow up, but I don't want to grow old and so always, like asking the question myself. What? I want to be one of what I want to be when I grow up, and I'm gonna ask the same question to you.

spk_1:   2:24
Okay. Um I mean, honestly, at first, uh, I guess you say going back to when I was young, but mine's camera for you? I'm going back to when I was young. Um, e I always want to be like a firefighter. Um, and then, you know, as I get into high school and, uh, a lot, I guess you say, like, my teen years, Um, drumming was a really, really big thing for me. So I had a drum set when I was, like, 15. And I followed that all the way until I was, like, 18. And then, Ah, we moved out of the house. We're in, and we're in apartments after that. Um, so it was really, really hard. I guess you could say Thio, find the place and find the time to do it without getting a noise complaint. So after that, you know, came my second job, and then it was a was a gaming job at lens in it and uh, I guess they're the rest. Was history after that? Today? What do

spk_0:   3:20
you wanna be when you grow up?

spk_1:   3:24
Honestly, I mean, that's a question that I'm very, very unprepared. The answer. Because I'm still in true with everything that's been going on. Um, I want to say I do have, ah, a couple goals. I guess you could say in game in my life. And that's just kind of be able to take care of myself, you know? And so far I've done a pretty good job. I would think about it and then be ableto, you know, tend to my mother with whatever she needed. Whether it's, you know, me getting a I know it sounds a little big, but just getting their house or, you know, or if she needs something like, Don't worry, Mom. Here. Here's my card to go do what you gotta do. Just be able to be able to have that. I guess you could say that free range. Do that with my mom would be good,

spk_0:   4:01
Elia, man. I mean, it's it doesn't yet, and that's that's something that's actually sent chills down my spine. It's, you know, it's a simple like something like that's extremely comforting to know that she's always take always taken care of because they ah, you know, they do so much for us, especially raising us. And it's like that's a cool way to get back to her. Exactly. Yeah, man, that's no. I like that. I like that. You know? So obviously, I'm a gamer. Your gamer, you know, part of one of the main reasons we met. Um, you know, what was the first game growing up that I got you? Just, like, hooked where you're like, this Is it like that was like that, Like, all of a sudden, you just like new Or it was just like an obsession, I guess is the right word.

spk_1:   4:39
Um, definitely. I want to say it be. It's definitely a race between two games. Um, counter strike 1.5, and ah, Warcraft three. Reigning chaos. That's two very different views of the games. Yeah, um uh, so I like the more I guess you could say competitive aspect of counter strike back in the day of the land. Soon as their kids were standing up talking crap to each other, I just loved it. Um I thought it was funny because I was really young. I was only like 12. 13 so I didn't know what was going on, but I thought it was Quote goes, It always look like kids were about the fight over a video game. Ah, and then going into war craft, I like the more strategic aspect of it toe where, you know, it's arranged teams and you have to build the base. You have to find the materials and then build your army will kill the other base. What kind of lead into dodo for me? Um And so that's like, you know, those were those were the two that kind of got me addicted. Or I guess, because they started the A gaming addiction for me and, you know, it was fun. I still play counterstrike. Yeah, you know, it's a quick,

spk_0:   5:47
quick story like I actually suck so bad a counterstrike that I tried to aim, but back when I was really young, back in source, got banned from steam, never tried to play it again.

spk_1:   5:54
That's that's my cold, Like it was like, out of it like that. So So it was, uh, I was one of those kids

spk_0:   6:04
growing up before I got good. I was I was one of those halo too soft moderate was a a modern counterstrike, like it was That was who I was before I started trying to take us seriously.

spk_1:   6:12
You know, uh, you got a lot of crap for But,

spk_0:   6:16
um, now it's cool, because I've always noticed, like, you know, you play a really wide variety games you play. I mean, gears of war, which is unique in and of its own way. Um, you know, fortnight and then wow and Dodo. And I'm like you because with, you know, in Ah, because with me, I'm just like I only play shooters. And it's like I've never really given that that side of gaming And like a fairy, I guess, really a fair shot is the right way. You know,

spk_1:   6:40
I want to say, Well, played a huge role in me. Being more of like, into different games or just a variety of different games is ah, friends. They all like different things. Um, and I always I always enjoyed playing games with my friends. So, like, I'm like, Oh, what you playing? Okay. We'll get it. and I'll try it out and then, you know, next to you know, a week later, I'm playing it Told four in the morning with them and, you know, it's just like things like that, you know, And Dota the dodo was a hard game to learn. And to be honest, I still suck at it. Um, but, you know, it's fun when you have friends. And then if you have that Dr Thio just continuously want to learn more and more, you know, you'll definitely enjoy any game you play.

spk_0:   7:20
Hell, yeah, man. No, I I like that because it's Ando. Tha t like was one of the first price pulls that I actually heard about where it was like, I actually did some, uh, Google searches a while back, and it was like, I don't have anything at the largest price for $1.24 million price pool. And I'm like, Holy shit.

spk_1:   7:37
You want to hear the craziest part about it? Community raised.

spk_0:   7:40
That's insane. Dude, all come 100%. Um,

spk_1:   7:45
yes. So with their battle pass and their levels, you can purchase the battle passing levels and 25% of every purchase for the battle pastor levels goes into the price for Wow, and you got to think about it, too. You know, you're a 25% may not some like a lot, but for people who are unfamiliar with Dota, Dota literally has people playing literally everywhere on the globe. Um, and it's really, really big and like sweet in China, Japan, Brazil, areas like that is where a lot of people play from.

spk_0:   8:17
That's nuts, man. Yeah, because yeah, because a lot of games I play usually centralized in certain regions, it's like, you know, like theirs. But that's that's a game that's been a global phenomenon. They've sold out like 30,000 crowds, stadiums for dough to turn a mission.

spk_1:   8:30
I want to go, so I don't understand the game. But that would just be a fun

spk_0:   8:35
environment to be in, you know,

spk_1:   8:36
like it is the crowd, the Bellary, the bellowing roar of the crowd. When just one of those plays happen, it's just it's Ah, what is it like? Give you goose bumps. It raises the hair on the arms. When you're there, you're like what, the bag? I would

spk_0:   8:48
imagine it being like a like a sport like going toe like a playoff game, like a playoff basketball game or a football game. Your words. Because, like that, I went to Houston Rockets playoff game when they played the Warriors a couple years ago, and it's like just even not even before the game started. The buzz in that building was just like I get shields, like, literally down my entire body, thinking about that like

spk_1:   9:09
I'm getting chills thinking if they hit one up

spk_0:   9:12
in the States, let me know I'd be willing to travel to go see that cause that, uh, I mean, should even once this thing is over, like traveling internationally, because that would be, ah, experience and 1/2. I, you know, if

spk_1:   9:21
you know it's crazy. You mentioned that because they used to have every year in Washington. No kidding over here. Yeah, above California, Washington over here. And, ah, they used to have every year up until, like three years ago, they started going international with it.

spk_0:   9:36
That's wild. That's while I may not

spk_1:   9:39
be willing. I'm so mad. It's like what's funny is I always tell

spk_0:   9:43
people that, like, you know, EA sports, like around the globe has been a thing since long before the U. S. Just now started to get into it like a couple years ago. You know, it's like now we're building stadiums and we got merged and we got, you know, Franchising. It's like they've

spk_1:   9:55
been doing. We're on the news like that, like they've been doing that

spk_0:   9:59
for years. It's like when I tell people that their mind is like they just can't comprehend that cause they still people. So many people are still in the mindset of like it's just a game. It's something you do to pass the time. You know, it's I don't think people understand.

spk_1:   10:13
I think what it is to is a lot of people they, um if they throw video games in the same category, it's like something for kids, so they don't see like teenagers or well, nowadays they do. But they don't back Then they didn't see like teenagers or people around like our age, making decent money off of it just by playing it, you know, And it's crazy to think about it, you know, because you know, you look at it and you're like, Dude, this kid's like 13 and this kid has made more than all making a lifetime, you know, um, what was it last year? The number one Google creator was like a six year old, and he made, like, some excessive amount of millions of dollars because he does toys reviews for little kids. Any six heard about that? Yeah. Que grande. It's

spk_0:   11:01
It's honestly nuts. I mean, you know, and I'm sure you get the same reaction when it's like when, you know, like, when you when you talk about that two normal people, uh, you know is like, Do you get that same reaction of like, you know, Is that like, Well, how much? Because the I guess the question is like, is like when I talk to people like like, Oh, there's money in that. It's like that seems to be the thing that catches people's eyes like, is there money? And before they actually pay attention to it, you know,

spk_1:   11:25
exactly. Um, so, yeah, I do get that response from a lot of people. Um, and it leads me to like, uh leads me to, like, another 30 minute conversation with them, because then I start showing them, like, you know, different things. and how the money is raised and how the kids get it. And then how the kids were what they have to do to get to where they are and then Warren or plays in that spot of their career and eccentric cetera. Yeah, but it's definitely a good conversation with a lot of people cause it opens up a lot of parents eyes to because they won't look at the kid is like wasting their life on playing a video game like, Hey, look, maybe my kid could be one of these kids and they might have a little more leniency towards, you know, when it comes time to play video games. Yeah,

spk_0:   12:05
I mean, in in segueing into That's like that. So you know, like, my You know what? When you grew up, did your family except video games, you know, like was that like it wasn't like a supportive environment? Was it like a constant tug of war between you and your family?

spk_1:   12:18
Um, so growing up, my mom's an independent mother. I never knew my father, so she's always been there for me, and she's always supported on what I wanted to dio, Um, when I was younger. She seemed that I really did like video games growing up. So how she looked at it is it's better for me to be in the house playing video games, said of her, wondering where I'm at at night, wondering the chutes were from doing any type of like things I shouldn't be doing. Got it. So she she was all for show. You're gonna be in the house playing video games all night. It's fine with me what you want for dinner. You know, now it's That's cool,

spk_0:   12:50
man, because it's ah, it's something a lot of parents don't have. And that's part of one of the goals of me doing this is like toe help, ask questions and bring a different perspective to a lot of different areas of gaming. Consorts like Look like this is I mean, from what I see is like, this is the future, you know, And kids air don't have you convey be all of all walks of life come through the video games they everyone connects through video games. And so it's, you know, that's one of the main goals that's awesome in

spk_1:   13:17
Yeah, it's, um I'm very happy with and the craziest part is she supports it. Still, to this day, she'll pop into my stream. She subbed in my channel, You know, like she's she text me like, Hey, are you streaming today? And like, you know, it's She's my biggest supporter and I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way.

spk_0:   13:34
Yeah, my mom does the same thing. She's like, I don't understand what this is, but, you know, like, you seem to be really happy doing it, and you seem to be making a difference a lot of other people's lives. So I'll support this. Support it just because you're happy. This is

spk_1:   13:47
exactly and that's it's so amazing to have that because, you know, a lot. Like you said, a lot of kids don't have that. You know, it's a blood scene for sure.

spk_0:   13:56
Yeah, um, but with with, you know, with me, like I had to I had to prove to them, though, because my family was the family that, you know, they didn't. It was always a tug of war with me and my parents just because it was I was obsessively playing it. And I would like miss dinner and I would like, you know, it was just like this thing. And, um, you know, they thought I was crazy for taking all this risk. You know, um, to bile this equipment and play video games and like, But when I got my first twitch payout, that's when they started paying attention, you know? And it was

spk_1:   14:26
the best feeling in the world I had t o pay out. Yeah, for playing video games. Yeah, and it's amazing because as as being the person you are playing the video game drive, it's a good feeling because you're like, these people support me, you know, getting that first check. And it's like you're like, this crazy. Yeah, yeah, It's so like

spk_0:   14:54
when you first started Let s o ah, was it mainly your I like your your main friends. Like growing up with people that you had, like in your I guess your squad like that. Like maybe pull the tab for you and your sister like that.

spk_1:   15:07
So it's really weird how shaming came came a thing for me and a lot of people. Ah, this story about a lot of people don't know a lot of these things to which is crazy. So as you know, I was always in the plane gears competitively after I, you know, got out of, like, the whole high school thing with the, uh my buddy or this guy I met at my job in silence and a plate of yours competitive as well. And so we would play here and there. My job. Five years later, I'm living with a mutual friend of ours, but I didn't know it was a mutual friend of ours. He walks into the house one day, and he's like, Yo, all right, aren't you someone someone like brought it off like, Yeah, but we used to play years together, talking things like, How do you know him? I was like, Well, I've known him for a little bit. I actually live here. He's like whites. And come to find out the guy that I was living with, that we knew men truly was of good friend of his growing up. It's a small world, um, so a couple years ago by he's he's more in two years and I was still and he ends up bringing over explosive as explosive. I guess Lives lived in Anaheim before he had a sign with ah, prick. And he's like, You know who that was, right? Because you're playing games with them and everything, and I was like, I have no idea. But he was really freaking good. Gears of war, bro. Like, How did that like, how long has that kid been playing? He's like, Bro. He's on the number one team in the world right now. I'm like, What? Um, so going forward, I built a relationship with him with explosive, and I had talked to him, you know? Ah, a bunch of different things in a numerous amount of things where there was in improving my game play what I could do to stream what I could do to get better, how to approach different things. I want to get signed, and he kind of guided me through. He's like, Hey, talk to this person. Get graphics made for your stream, get your stream going and showcase on what? You have the offer for other teams organizations, and I'm like, Okay, he's like, and if you need help with anything, just let me know if I have time, I'll help you out. All right, We got everything going, and I want to say the 1st 3 streams that I did he hosted me for, like, 400 viewers. Shit, Yeah, and ah, I I couldn't be thankful because at that time I didn't know what to do. And he's He's putting me in front of all these people and just kind of like putting me out there, and I can't repay him enough for that. And so that's kind of like how it all started in what pushed me more because I had that person in specific right there, guiding me the whole time as well as his coach at the time, which

spk_0:   17:48
was ashes. That's amazing, man. That's amazing. Um, and you touched on a really big you doesn't really good point. And that's, you know, because you hear a lot of on Twitter like, you know, networking and networking. And it's like there's so many people that, like don't really understand what that concept is. You know what it's like. I mean, I think you touched on a really big piece of how important relations relationships really are and how it's like, you know, you never know who you're talking to, Um, and you never know, liken you net like with me. I never shut up about what I do in real life, and it's gotten me some of the best relationships, you know, that I still have today, you know? And yeah, and so I mean, what a blessing. Because I remember when I got hosted by powers, you know, just like a few months ago. And I was like,

spk_1:   18:30
Holy shit. Maybe like 250 people coming in. Look, think is such a cool dude. Yeah, I looked at it and I keep you probably don't know me by face for we've met a couple times for like, every time I've spoken to me so humble and that and that's awesome, man. He supports anyone who's in good figure seen, and I recommend anyone to check him out. Really?

spk_0:   18:52
Yeah. Power's a monster. And how is the 19?

spk_1:   18:57
I think so. He just turned, like, 18 or 19 recently.

spk_0:   19:00
It's a monster on the sticks to like watching him

spk_1:   19:04
and not I see him flying at me, bro. I'm already know it's a I'm done a real man. Um, is it because gears it's such a

spk_0:   19:17
It's such a very interesting because you know, I'm a halo player and it's like gears like it's so much more complex and I will as much as a halo kid as I am. I will always respect, and I will always put gears up top as probably one of the most difficult games to get good. And because I love Halo, it's got very traditional movement, and there's a lot of games that it translates to like, you know, but gears is like its own little special things, like when you like when seeing these kids and seeing this talent on these gears rosters is just I mean, man, it's I think I'm somewhat good and then I watch a pro stream. I'm like, Get mop,

spk_1:   19:55
Yeah, I want to say Gears definitely has the biggest learning curve in any game that I've ever touched. Yeah, and like I have people I have people told me, Whenever extreme, they're like, Oh my God, you're so good Or how do you do this? And I get out of my honestly, I'm not good. Oh, it is just practice. I was like I could get into any game with any of these guys to play this game like a top tier level. And you're gonna think I started playing yesterday. Yeah, you know, it's crazy like that Dividing Come on the game. But you know, the new updates pretty full. Not gonna lie. I was gonna ask. So,

spk_0:   20:28
you know, and I know sits. I know there's been a lot of TV and spilt around gears lately, and it's, you know, there's a lot of orders dropping out a lot at, You know, I know Kenny's been going off on Twitter. There's been the depth streams have been wild. Um, you know where, like, I'm where do you see gears right now? As far as an e sport, like like, do you think it's in trouble? Do you think it's got some promise? Like, what's your What's your thoughts on that?

spk_1:   20:53
I think this last update, um, it's definitely a step in the right direction for them. Okay? Why, Um, they've improved the law. The governor of the boost, Um, all the up a boost. So it's not as much speed. I know. They think it with a few few of the a few of the weapons in regards to, like, damage. Um, and, uh, if I'm correct. I don't know if you know anyone can correct rate if I'm wrong whenever this was alive, but, um, it's what was it like? Something like so say you obey something. You get that initial boost, right? A cz. Soon as you hit a cancel or a wall, cancel or whatever it may be, it slows down that boosting it. So you start going slower. So you can't have these guys that I guess you could say, play super offensive where they're bouncing everywhere. The second they hit one of those cancels, it starts slowing them down, making it. I guess you could say I'm or even five for the opposing player that they're approaching because now all that player has to do is be able to land two shots with a shotgun and they're dead. Got it? That's that's awesome. Yeah, so it you know, And that's just one of the things I won't lie. I'm not crazy deep into all the details, for the most part, but I know a few of them and that that was one of the one thing that stuck out to me because a lot of players can't move around like that and you know it sure that they did this advantage when they play against those guys. Yeah, so I think that's and that's one of things why a lot of people put the controller down after China for an hour. It was like, this game's too hard exactly, because because

spk_0:   22:20
I've noticed that his like every time I gears title gets released like there's so much hype around because the campaign is just I mean, just a phenomenal like that. It's always been just I That's one of the few games I enjoy the campaign on, um, but it's, I think everyone like they get all height and then they play an hour multiplayer like, Oh, yeah, this fucking this game is hard, okay, I'm

spk_1:   22:40
not gonna do it. I'm not gonna do this anymore. I forgot about it. Yeah, And I think you know, I I think the thing that plays main role in that is ah, the whole holding a two run in the sighting in bouncing that every that all of that could be based off one single movement. So whether they're just if they're not holding forward, they roll, you know, or if they just hold A. They can either be going forward or sliding into summer, and I think a lot of people have a hard time adjusting with that one. But

spk_0:   23:06
yeah, yeah, Um, yeah, it's because it's I'm glad they did that, because it's it. As I, you know, in you know, I want you to weigh in on this well is like because it's just like Gears is a hard not only is a hard game to play, but, like, you know, there's also extremely low viewership for it. So it's like that says a lot about how it plays and you know, to to the common to the common player, because it's not. You know, I I see games like legal legends. I see games like whole duty and you know, some of these other titles and it's like they appeal to the casual base. You know what it's like? How do we get gears to, you know, not be so like, I love the sweating This don't get me wrong like the past combined it, too, but it's it's gotta be something that people can watch or else it's not gonna make any money.

spk_1:   23:50
I think the first step for that is, too, And, you know, you can't really force anyone to do it, but the players need to do it. You know, they need to take initiative in that as well, because it's a game that paying them, you know, it's their career. They need to stream or they need thio, create more relationships with the viewers and the people they want to play. You know, I'm not saying do it every day or whenever you're not, you know, practicing for screams or whatever that may be. But, you know, once or twice week Hey, you know, uh, sub Sunday, you know, doing in house games all subs or, you know, Team Day. You know, we'll pick in, like, four people throughout the day to come play with four people from the team. You know, we're gonna play rank, told me, you know, little things like that that gives people, you know, a way to interact with you kind of build a relationship with you and know, you know, a little bit of back story and how you are, you know, And you know that another thing on top of that that keeps them coming back. Oh, you know, I played this game issued one of these pros, and they're telling their friends like Let's go to extreme And so we could both get in today. You know, stuff like that. It's real simple. They don't have to spend money. They don't to do any of that. It's just, you know, just enjoy yourself with the people that support you.

spk_0:   24:57
Yeah, uh, and I think you have a really good point. And it's something I spoke with Brian about on the last episode was like, You know, cause I asked him, Is like content or EA Sports First, he's like content. You know, it's like content, content, content. It's like, you know, it's halos in that weird spot right now where it's like there's this dividing the community. And there's not enough creators creating good content to build the storyline to build, you know, to keep that going while we're in this like quote unquote low periods been like six year low

spk_1:   25:21
period. You know who I've seen who's been showing out for Halo and I give a mad respect cause he streams any time again. Then who din oxide nox? He is always streaming.

spk_0:   25:45
Um, that's good man. that's that's exactly what that franchise needs. It's just like of

spk_1:   25:51
it doesn't help. You know, I'm speaking for both franchises here, and I don't care if anyone would have anything to say to me. But they're marketing teams and everything, whether it's cash, she or from Halo or Rod Ferguson or someone else from Coalition for gears like they need to be able to be as transparent as possible with whether it's or eggs players or even viewers with what's going on. Because half the time you see anyone tweeting anything bad about any of the franchise is because they weren't informed of what's going on.

spk_0:   26:23
You hit a extremely good point. I think it's not even just with EA Sports, but the way a lot of the world is moving. It's like companies used to companies and you know, ah, teams also, the stuff used to be able to kind of like hide behind a corporate shield on a ladder in the chain of command, to like, not really communicate things to wear. People would complain, but nothing ever was done for it and you know we were they were able to do that for the longest time but now with social media evolves and there's a lot more being shared and people being are being a lot more authentic, like people would almost rather you say, like, Hey, we fucked up. But we're at least like if we're being transparent about it, people are gonna like, stick with you like that. It it shows that you're human, you know? It's just a bunch of humans running this thing and shit's gonna happen. If no one's communicated with, like, then it just blows up in our it just, you know, like the whole settings change, like right around the first start of pro league, like remember that like, Oh, yeah, we're just gonna modify everything like two weeks

spk_1:   27:20
and it gives it gives the people that are supporting the franchise a feeling like, Hey, you guys don't care. Yeah, it's like the negligence is the word I'm looking for.

spk_0:   27:29
And the thing is, they probably do care. They probably really do care. But when you don't communicate it it you're you're right. It gives that like really bad vibe. Yemen. Now it's Yeah, it's and I think you know, especially in honestly, there's no to me. There's no excuse. Like we have so many goddamn communication platforms. Like it's like, how did that knock it out? You know, like we I

spk_1:   27:54
don't exactly you out forms. You have 20 of instagram. You hav e mo bus, you have it all. Discord, servers. You know, like face page for the boomers. You don't be like e mean. There's so many different ways, but it's it's it's funny, because as many it just goes to show that,

spk_0:   28:11
like we as a society have to get to that, we can have all these tools. We're gonna have all these great technologies, like I'm a nerd for it, so I'm all about it. But if we don't take the action, it doesn't matter how many platforms we have. It still is. We're just gonna have all these great platforms not communicate shit like we've always been doing, you know? So, you know, it's like we have to get better at communicating and not just rely solely on like Oh, wow, Look how easy is to communicate. I was gonna go not communicate on it,

spk_1:   28:38
you know? Exactly. Or or get out of the mind. So are go get an answer when I'm done getting this done. Like, you know, people don't want to wait. I want to know what's going on. Right? We live in a world of now. Exactly. Special. Clear. And you have absolutely been So, you know, you tell me a little bit

spk_0:   28:57
about we've been talking about the games in the franchise is so tell me a little bit like your career starting in gears. Like when you got that for, like, you signed on to your first protein. Like what team did you play for? Like, how long did you curry last? Was something like the ups and downs.

spk_1:   29:12
Um, the whole competitive side started for me around the island. Sooner. I met a few local guys who freaking so good. How old would hold were you a time? I was 18. I'm pretty old. I'm about to be 30 this year. 2020 years, laying down too far by your bro. You mind? You know, he's still in the toilet. You said you were about to be 30. So technically you are too. I'm not six months. Um, so, uh, it started around then when I worked at that land center because the lantern I worked that if you're from the West Coast or anyone who is on the West Coast may be familiar with, it's called how his game shot. Um, and this leads into one of those parts that I said that a lot of people don't know about me. Um, I worked there for about 3.5 years, and that's where I met Summit. I used to work with Summit, so he's a good friend of mine. Or at least then he was kind of distant challenged because, you know, he's really like one of the faces of Twitter at the moment. Um, so he lives on Colorado doing his own thing, but so you have the whole competitive thing over there got into with those guys. They asked if I wanted to play with them for all the local events in California, and I couldn't say no because they were so good. And I just thought I could learn so much from them. Um, so come to find out it was only like a summer thing because they're all in high school. Um, like I said, I was a bit older. I was ready working. So their own high school can't really do much. So going forward at that point is when I met that do it again, you talk to explosive. Um, I was chilling in ashes stream for about a couple months, and I ended up forming a team of people that I met in history. Um, we went to our first event in Vegas. I want to save 34 years ago for gears four season one. Um, we ended up getting past first round and then got eliminated. I got knocked losers and then eliminate after that, uh, it then it was just a learning process for me. And that was that was the first event team tried to stick together. But at the time, a lot of players had lost their jobs right after the event. Unfortunately, so they were kind of moron, like the job hunt and job grind. I totally understand it because that comes first, and so just kind of went forward with that, and, ah, you know, next. You know, I played on a couple other teams that I just didn't like. The fact of the whole roster change and the egos and the attitudes of a lot of players and I'm like, I don't like being targeted for stuff I don't like trying to target. People were having my other teammates point fingers at someone. Why don't I try to be the voice of reason? You know, from here on out, and I stepped into the whole coaching thing because at a time I knew I knew how to play the game. But I don't think I guess you could say my reactions were is faster to think on my toes like that. Like I got to do this now, I would sit there and I'd have to have time to think about it. So when I'm on the stream and I could see people's point of views all the way across reported But hey, you need to move here. Hey, do this. They have a guy moving over here. It was easier for me to be ableto call it out instead of actually being a player and trying to call it out. I guess you say was a little too much for my old brain. Yeah, you touched on

spk_0:   32:29
a really touching a good spot. You know, the egos of players because you know, when you're when when people are competing, and especially like whether it's an e sports or whether it's regular sports like. I mean, they're like, there has to be some sort of like confidence, and it's like, Where does that? You know this? I think that's the thing a lot of people trying to figure out Where is that balance? You know, like, where is it? Where does it become like ego? And where does it become, like, Where does it stay? Confidence. And then where does that line like we're like and it's hard to dance that, you know. But where do you think that line is

spk_1:   32:58
of? I mean, it'd be tough to kind of say that I want to say two things I could just tell people to major things they need to know going into a team are trying to play competitively with whatever it may be. Um, you're not always right. Be coachable, and that's it. You know, um oh, and when we're out, be able to adapt. Yeah, well, you need you know, you can't go into it thinking you're always right. You got to be optimistic about everything you know you can be like, Oh, that guy didn't kill me or, you know, this game's trashed. I didn't worry. No, you gotta look it and be like, Okay, I missed this, or I could have played this differently, you know? And that's a thing a lot of people have problems with. And, you know, once a player can get past those things, they can do great things

spk_0:   33:49
like that. Man, I really do. And it's, I think we spend a lot of time complicating things like we try to, like, go to different Yoma can't like it was Noah's the mechanics fault? No, is this? It's like it's I think so many people have a problem with, like accepting responsibility. You know, like it just it almost baffles me because when we take responsibility for ourselves or our own actions, all of a sudden we can improve, you know, like exactly it. Just because as long as it's someone else's fault, you can never change, you know, and it's I mean, I don't know about you, but, like I don't like giving someone or something power over me to get better to be happy. You know, like

spk_1:   34:30
just people gotta be able to take accountability, man. Yeah, that's You know, that's just can't. Can't always point the finger, but always pointing the finger will get you nowhere.

spk_0:   34:40
Yeah, yeah, I imagine how you burn a lot of bridges in the scene too. Hey, isn't that you know? Um eso eso you transition to a coach, you know? You know, just like I know you coached for luck. Did you, Coach, for ah, did you coach for any Wells as well?

spk_1:   34:58
Um so look, squad that we had I was coaching those guys for I want to say, about a year before that looks roster most tree, or maybe not even here before that Looks right straight home, put together or I guess they signed under looks. Um, we played in San Diego with the Corps, three people at the time, which was a politics, morality and zay show. Um, and then going into gears floors at five. We had already went to one event in Boston. No, Boston was the first year we went to under looks to San Diego with the first event. The event under Lux 1st 1 was Boston. And at that time, we had picked up brave and red nine, and they did phenomenal It was a last minute thing. We had a few roster changes in a couple weeks prior to the event. Um, we wanted to pick up one of our old players, which was Braveheart. Um, we had ended up dropping land are key for red nine, which was a mistake on their part. And they found out soon after that event. Um, but they did well for what they had to work with, and I couldn't think them enough because they gave me a good time out there as well. And, uh, you know, just being able to put me in front of those people and have that experience with them. Uh, you know, I could have asked for a better team at the time. That was, you know, definitely something I'm always gonna remember. Yeah, that's also first event that I placed pro with them. So, uh, that would be, you know, forever remembered for me. That's awesome. But after even a lot of things have happened and they ended up doing all these changes and stuff, and that's when I, uh it was just like, you know, and this is what we're gonna get striking out. And I was like, I can't I can't do it anymore. Girl was like, you guys, they ended up dropping morality without even consulting me about it. Like getting my input. And, uh, I was the guy already out of it, and that's when I had told the Lux guys. Okay, no more team. Or at least I don't want to be part of it. I wanted to work on more of the background in management side for the organization and build with you guys.

spk_0:   37:03
That's wild, man. Yeah, I remember. I saw that tweet like you were. I mean it. Like I I could not many times where I could feel vibes. You know, like through a tweet, you know? But I could feel that when you put that out like that, Like that Hit pretty hit pretty hard for me. You know, when I when I saw that when the squad kind of broke up when you kind of like, you know, just like when you guys moved on from that.

spk_1:   37:22
Yeah. You know, I didn't want to because, like, those dudes were like, I don't know, I was really close with the box. That was like my boy. I still considered one of my boys even though since the whole we don't team together, he doesn't talk to me anymore type thing. You know, I disagree with that, but, you know, I get it. You know, he's got to keep his, ah, his head and where the money is and 100%. But don't get me wrong like if you're gonna play with someone and consider someone like, you know, a brother. And this was for anyone teaming competitive use force. By the way, if you're gonna take the time to spend with these individuals daily, almost like it's another job, you treat it like a family at the same time. If you guys end up breaking up or someone against going their own ways, there's no reason not to talk to someone, you know. They're still your friends. They still want to see you succeed at least speaking for myself. I still want to see my friend succeed, you know, But don't just, like, not talk to me because we don't team together anymore.

spk_0:   38:14
Yeah, yeah. I mean, because what we're doing goes beyond the game. I mean, it's ah you know, and we're able to do this since it's a large scale. Now you know where it's like weaken waken, touch a lot of different lives all across the world in doing this. And it's like things things and things start and things and, you know, it's just the natural way of it, you know, just everything. No, you bring up, you bring a fantastic point. I mean, so it's, you know, when it comes to not not every team has a coach, you know? So, um, you know, just to kind of hone in on this, like, why is it so valuable to have a coach on any sports team? Versus Not, you know, one of the advantages of one of the disadvantages are I'm what? Id like that. Things I'm not having one.

spk_1:   38:58
Um, So I'll go over the pros, cause the pros definitely. I will hate the commons for sure in this one. Um, having a coach can benefit a team in many, many ways. One being the one that I spoke about earlier. He could be the voice of reason. Uh, say you're screaming team, you know, takes a now they start pointing fingers again. The coach is the one that's gonna be there, settle you guys down and be like, Hey, look, this is what happened because he's seen it from all the points or all the point of views. At that point, he's gonna be like, this will happen. This what we need to d'oh! Um, he's gonna be the one that's gonna be put air. He should be the one putting in the time At the end of the day, once all of you guys have done screaming and I guess you could say this just goes for a passion thing for the players if they want to sit in with him too. But they gotta wash their videos and pinpoint stuff in time stamp things that went wrong or hey, you could have done this better. Um, so that's gonna help out as well. And then not only that. Like so say you're at the event and this is kind of like a lot of people call it The Waterboy thing. You're at the event and your players have a match. But if they're missing something or they need some waters and then you got to be able to get that form for the match starts, um, you know, You gotta just make sure you guys taking care of because at the end of the day, they're the ones going on the field and doing all the work that you need them to do. So you want to make sure that they're in a clear, clear head, clear state of mind and ready to go to work? Um and I want to say, other than that, I mean the Khan's wise. I mean, I would say pros, too, with timers and all that. But here's five kind of implemented that into the game for everyone. But Khan's wise I mean, the cons of not having the coaches. You shouldn't. You pretty much don't get anything I just named, which is kind of sucks because it helps out a lot. I can't tell you Tell you guys how many times I've sat in a Jesus. An Xbox party chat. It sounds so terrible thing that Xbox for any shot for hours, a night of guys just pointing fingers at each other and yelling at each other for no reason. Yeah, so I definitely insist you as you to coach, but definitely be ah, be sure that he's ready to put in this much effort as you as the players or your team is putting it.

spk_0:   41:09
Yeah, Yeah, I like that cause it's, you know, it's because I've seen it in Halo where some spots, how coaches and some don't you know, it's Ah, Aila. Does it really implement the timer? It's like you got the You got the dude's watching all four p O. V s with the with the timer on their phone or, like, three different times actually made an app for it at one point in time. Um, what, like, hey will see, like weapon timers, you know, And it was Ah, yes, that was a thing. So it's because I can see that cause when we even when we tried to like, um, you when we like, shot or shot at PGA like that during the propio pro lighters, like having like we didn't have any guidance, any direction. None of us really knew a lot of anything with what was going on. So it's Yeah, I may or may not have hit you off

spk_1:   41:53
about the thin shortly after that. We kind of disbanded. Oh, okay. So that's why yeah, that's where I never heard back from you? Yeah. Yeah, because we, uh just there

spk_0:   42:03
was There was so much where, Like, we were in a And I'm sure you understand. It's like, but we were all, um, all of us had, you know, adult responsibilities. Like, you know, I have full time job. I have a dog. I'm training, you know, there's do the guys had wife, thank you know, wives and kids and, you know, professional careers. One of them had a very he worked in the movie theater industry. I like one of the, um, not like one of those dining movie theaters. And so it was just, like, combined that with two different time zones, And it was just like, you know, um, the challenge of getting on and we've quickly figured out at two day, two nights a week of practice was not gonna cut it, you know, like, no, we got smacked our first weekend. That was like eating a slice of humble pie. I was actually eating the whole damn pie. Um, it's like, man, um, and we quickly figured that out, you know? So when it comes to the these pro players in these teams, like you know, in the dynamics, like what is, you know, like, how often did you see your guys practice to get to the level that they need to be at?

spk_1:   43:06
Um, the luck squad practiced every day, how long there is. So they were practicing before I got off work. They started at 4 30 my time. So I think that's what Seven East Coast. So they're starting at seven. I was getting home around the time of the second scream in the middle of the second scream. Um, so I want to save, give or take. The guys were on during screams, probably about 67 hours. And then after that, an additional three or four of just leisure time for the messing around ranked or privates together. Holy moly. They play a lot. And that's what a lot of people don't understand about the gears professionals, that is. These kids do not stop playing. Unless you're like the former Optic squad. They'll play every other game, bug ears and get on gears and still do work. That's crazy, dude. Yeah, not, um oh, yeah, that you definitely have to have to put the time in because it's It's a game that's constantly changing this constant updates, Really Now. And the Mehta is always, always gonna be different every update

spk_0:   44:15
because you're spot on. Remember when I asked you, I'm like, you know, like we're running all these different Stratos and you're like, No, the maid has just hold two hills and shoot

spk_1:   44:22
like, yeah, because we're saying you're trying to

spk_0:   44:25
analyze all this. You know, all this shit and it's like, you know, you're like, Not it's just it's literally that simple, you know, hold sales and suit

spk_1:   44:32
And and that's the thing. You know, I'm glad you mentioned that. That's a lot of teams who were starting out competitively. They think it's like a race to get kills. It's really not. You got to play. You gotta play set ups. You have to play with your team. You have the wolf pack. You have to call stuff out. Most important button in the game. You guys for a gears of war is your l B. If you played default, use that tac com. Uh, dude, I was people,

spk_0:   44:57
actually. Ah, when they came in to watch me stream, they actually asked, Why is your screen great? Cause I tapped it so often. You like what they're like. What

spk_1:   45:04
are you doing? A lot of people don't know that a new two years of that great scream that is the most support screen of the game.

spk_0:   45:12
It tells you so much information from it. Yeah, so much. Um,

spk_1:   45:17
especially when people are marked on the opposing team that helps out so much.

spk_0:   45:21
That's one of the great features I looked like. How long has marking been bending gears? I

spk_1:   45:27
want to say, since two or three, uh, maybe even I want to see, Maybe even judge, right? I think I might have been, too, though I could be wrong. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyone got it? Got it. Now what's judgment? Just getting you tell me about it. That's like, That's like along

spk_0:   45:44
the same lines is Halo for like, we just don't talk about

spk_1:   45:47
When I played that game. I was like, This is years of war by halo style. That's right. Jumping off buildings, throwing needs across the entire map. Right? And it was the shortest

spk_0:   45:57
campaign, you know, Like it was it was tear it like, I don't know, uh,

spk_1:   46:01
love and pain. How they did it. How? It's like a try. Ally loved it. It was It was fun. But it was like, compared to the rest of it was like, Oh, that's it, you know, like, Oh, yeah, it was like it was still gears. And there's no

spk_0:   46:11
bad years campaign. Like I I said, I'll die on that hill, you know? But it's like it just didn't seem like it was because it was a side story, you know, that's probably about me expecting it to be a full franchise. You know, game was just, you know, it's a side story. It's not a full at the full deal, you know?

spk_1:   46:28
Yeah, it is. I just I I know it was different. I think that's why I liked in the hole I come. He brought everyone forward in front of everyone. I thought it was so cool is a good way to do that game. Yeah,

spk_0:   46:38
man. Yeah. I'll tell you this from out of all the games I love, um, Gears of War was the only game only campaign that made me cry. Only one, um, which for, uh, when Dom Dom finds wife.

spk_1:   46:51
I think that everyone in the fields. Man,

spk_0:   46:53
that was I. I just Yet that was the only time I've cried during a video game here in that moment

spk_1:   47:01
and it almost like you. You continued to play the campaign. The hope that it wasn't trained. You were living on a hope and a prayer after that. Like he's not. It's I can't believe it yet, you real man. It was to rid of you. She's there. It all went. The guy who plays off, he's had a lot of the events. No kidding. I didn't know that hadn't yet. Hell, yeah, that's all. That's

spk_0:   47:25
really awesome. Do well, cool, man. Let's let's go. Let's go and wrap it up, man. Um, you got you got one. I got one piece of advice for someone in the Constant creation East Force world. What is it? What is that you're gonna give them

spk_1:   47:39
trying to break into the scene? Um, so if you're just doing content creation, um, don't don't follow, like the whole viewer and followership thing. Do it because you having fun and you generally enjoy it. Don't always don't get on and click. Start that street or start recording is to go live and expect to see numbers within the first couple months. It's definitely something that's gonna take a bit of time. Um, and one of the biggest things I can tell you to do is stream a couple times, watch your VOD and think to yourself are act as if you were a viewer and watch it and be like what? I'd be entertained by this. What can I do to make my seems a lot more entertaining? How can I interact with people? Look at the small things because in the you know, it may not seem like a lot, but in the long run, that's what's gonna help you. And I'm not saying do it a couple times. You know, who knows? Say you started getting big and you're averaging No. 50 to 75 viewers, you know, and that's good. Congratulations. But continue to do that. What can I do to progress? Fully Get better as I keep going with us and you'll find ways. If you really want it, you will find a way to do it. Hell

spk_0:   48:46
yeah, man, I like it. I like that cause I love how you hit that, cause I think a lot of people view that check Mark is like the finish line. You know what I mean?

spk_1:   48:53
It's not. I'll tell you this right now. I stop streaming gears and my viewers went down the hole used average anywhere 45 to 60. I averaged five viewers. Now, the Chuck mark doesn't do anything for you. As long as you are consistent, you will continue to grow.

spk_0:   49:10
Thank you for that. That is a That is a That is a very valuable piece because I think that's been the only goal. And I've I've tried to, like, tell people like What is that? You want to go beyond that? You know, to me, that's just the beginning to me, that's like, Okay, cool. You've got something here. Now, what you gonna do with

spk_1:   49:23
it? Yeah, Verified, in my opinion, Should be a small win for anyone. Don't get me wrong. It pat yourself on the back. Was it a huge monster? And it's a huge accomplishment if you do do it. But don't let that be the end of the fucking road or excuse my letters. Don't let that be the end of the room. I

spk_0:   49:39
mark explicit on the stream It's all good. Okay. It's, uh yeah. No, that's cool, man. So, uh, I appreciate what? So now that now that you, um you know, I know. I know you recently parted ways with locks, and also, um, when it comes to coaching, when it comes to the management side of that So what's next for you, man?

spk_1:   49:59
Honestly. Ah, I do. It's kind of hard to do anything I want to do right now with everything that's going on with the plague in the world. I hope everyone is doing okay. You know, stock up on the toilet paper, guys. Uh, but, hey, but it's something I really want to do. I still want to do management. I still want to do to some type of admin work, whether it's with an order, whether it's with the company. Another thing I do want to step into that I started getting into, and then the plague. It was photography. I was doing media for Dream Pack. I didn't meet here for one of the year's events. Um, it's kind of hard to do that right now because no one wants to go outside. Uh, so yeah, one of the two I'd be happy with. I mean, either way, I'm just gonna keep moving forward and doing what I got to D'oh! You know, just to put myself out there and I encourage everyone to do the same. You know, times may be hard, but there's always a way for you to do something about what you want to do

spk_0:   50:53
like them. And I like that you're not That's that's really cool. So you know where where people find you, What's your main platform? Which remains the media platform where you're the most active?

spk_1:   51:04
Honestly, I'm the most active between twitch at arms on Twitter and instagram. Both of them are the same at, you know, phase P H a z t 562 um, and twitch, you know, random streams. For right now I'm still pushing the continental, but I can't guarantee, like dates and times when extreme. It's just like, hey, I'm gonna click, you know, go live right now, and I'll tweet it out. But if you ever want to find that it's always on Twitter when I do alive, so be sure to check it out. You guys

spk_0:   51:31
Awesome! Amber. Hey, is it was a pleasure having you, um, getting huge. Shut up. Thanks for being the second guest on the channel on. Well, we'll call it a RAB and have a good night, man.

spk_1:   51:40
Alright, man, Thank you for having me. I appreciate you and I hope everyone else is a dope not be safe out there. You guys. Yeah. Thank

spk_0:   51:48
you so much for listening to this week's episode. Um, Chuck is one of my favorites, man. He's been a homie ever since day one, and ah, it was a really It was a really big treat tohave him. Um, if you guys really, if you guys got value out of this episode, it would mean the world. If you gave a, like, subscribe comment, share the pride cast with your friends, try to get this out. You know, the idea of this podcast is not only bring some insight to the sports world, the constant world, but also to help normalize this to the general public. Help get it helped get a dialogue going. And it's, um man, that's that's the goal. And that's I'm really excited to be doing that. Um, so you guys have any feedback? Tweet at me at Bonified gaming. If you have a favorite part, please let me know. Ah, with the time stamp, What that part was, um that would mean the world to me. That would be a huge help. Um, and until then, Guys, I'll see you back next week, eighth.

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