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Strap in, y'all. This one brings the heat (pun intended). I first saw Guy (@GuyBlazeLive) when watching one of the Gears of War pro series tournaments and just remembering to myself, "This guy... I need to talk with this guy!" Turns out he wanted to, just as much, and here we are!

He's a well-known personality and loved by many in the Gears of War scene, however, most recently he dove into the CDL (Call of Duty League), as well as hosted some Apex Legends tournaments. He's making his mark in the scene as one of the most charismatic casters to date, and he's just getting started!

This episode covers everything from food, to competing, family life, just life in general, advice, shoutouts, funny moments, and introspection. I know without a doubt that you're going to be entertained, for all 2 hours of it!!!

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On-Air Talent ~ Worked on Gears, CoD, Apex, Halo ~ Gaming ~ Food ~ Anime ~ Health ~ Competitive Gamer, forever a Tryhard. Let’s cook something. #FireSquad