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Matt is the founder of Esports One, an esports fantasy platform. Matt also founded Esportspedia and Leaguepedia. The one commonality you may find here, is that all of these platforms aimed to solve the problem of data in esports, and how it's used. We chat about how he and the team are using this data to enter into the world of web3 in a thoughtful way that gives true value to the community. 

Towards the end, we also chat about the recent events of Ubisoft entering into web3, and what the "right" way to enter into this community is.

They haven't been too public about any of their roadmaps, think of this as an exclusive first look into the inner workings of how they're putting the esports industry on their back into the metaverse.

**Nothing here should be considered financial advice, and I was not paid in any currency to have Matt on**

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Founder of @EsportsOne, @Esportspedia & @Leaguepedia | Here to accelerate the growth of esports through diversity and innovation.