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This week, I present to you, Funghibull,  the co-owner of the native web3 marketing agency, Shillr, and a legendary art collector. I've not only had the privilege of working with Funghi over the past year, but can call him a friend, and today you get to hear his story!

We chat through the following:

Intro to web3
Why digital art collecting
The creation of  Shillr & transparent marketing
Bull & Bear market learnings
Digital identity
Dive into his vault to discuss "Between Realms" by Alizé Jireh

As always, this podcast is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be relied upon for financial advice, Boona & guests may own NFTs discussed in this podcast.

Boonafide Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoonaETH
Website: https://www.boonafide.com

Funghibull Links:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/funghibull
Shillr: https://www.shillr.xyz/

NFTs used in this podcast:

Intro music by Sean Mundy: https://twitter.com/seanmundyphoto

Artwork discussed- "Between Realms" by Alizé Jireh
Link to piece: https://foundation.app/@alizejireh/escape-c8e8/8

"Metamorphosis" by Samantha Cavet- https://twitter.com/samanthacavet
"Empathogen" by Connor Grasso- https://twitter.com/_cnnnr

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Co-owner of the native web3 marketing agency, Shillr, fine art collector