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Jenkins is the leader of the  NFT project, The Writer's Room, which is a project that grants holders the ability to license characters (Apes) in his upcoming tell-all written by New York Times 10x bestseller, Neil Strauss! 

Licensing your character (Bored Ape) in this book will give each licensor ongoing royalties of the published work. Even Writer's Room holders that don't own an Ape have the ability to partner with an Ape and split the royalties. 

We discuss everything from Jenkin's origin story before the yacht club, and how he built this community by simply writing backstories for Ape owners for free on Twitter. 

We also take a dive into the future of the metaverse, why PFP projects are incredibly important, and what content creation will look like in web3.

Enjoy <3

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Important Links:

Jenkins the Valet Website: https://www.jenkinsthevalet.com/

Origin Stories: https://www.jenkinsthevalet.com/stories

Writers Room Cast: https://www.jenkinsthevalet.com/cast

Twitter Accounts:

Jenkins the Valet: https://twitter.com/jenkinsthevalet

SAFA: https://twitter.com/seeapefollowape

Jenkins the Mutant: https://twitter.com/JenkinsMutated

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The Valet of the BoredApe Yacht Club/ Ape 1798 / Writing the first community-generative NFT book by 10x NYT Best Seller, Neil Strauss