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Welcome back, it's been a HOT minute since the last episode dropped. There has been a lot that's changed from my last episode to this one, and that is my recent obsession with NFT's & cryptocurrencies as a whole.

I've been meeting some incredible people in the space, who I feel right at home with, and are some of the most talented, and passionate individuals I've ever meet. With that being said, I am going to be bringing on more guests that are in this space, as I truly believe that this tech is and will be even more transformative & necessary as we evolve. Even if you were only following this podcast for gaming & esports, I HIGHLY encourage you to stick around with an open mind, as I believe this technology is going to change videogames & esports forever.

Now... The next guest- Joshua Doner. I came across Josh's Twitter profile after I read up on the One37pm article about US Gold Medal winner Curtis McDowald used a Cryptopunk profile picture during the Olympics. The Punk in his profile picture was Josh's, and I just had to know more about how this story came to be. In this episode, we learn more about the origin story of Josh and Curtis and what the idea was behind this legendary crossover in history, NFT's as a cultural phenomenon, Decentralized Finance, and so much more. I am so incredibly pumped to have you listen to this episode!

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Joshua Doner


Josh is one of the OG Cryptopunk owners, and one of the first NFT purchasers in history. A cornerstone in the NFT, DeFi, and Cryptocurrency scene. Co-founder & CEO of new NFT social platform Mynting.