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There's a first for everything, and this first is a second conversation I had with Kris! For those that haven't listened to the first episode, Kris is a photographer based out of the Pacific Northwest who primarily shoots on film. Kris has sold out of his first collection, "By Way of Water",  as well as his Super Rare collection "Come Together".  Not only is Kris an amazing photographer, but a thought leader in the space who has paved a path for countless others.

A couple of the main points we discuss:

-Imposter syndrome
-Sell Shaming
-The mindset of selling out a collection vs. sparking secondary sales
-Super Rare piece "Find the Light"
-Collector Relationships
-Kris's "why."

Sit down, pour yourself a cup of coffee/tea, and enjoy, as we dive into Kris's journey, nearly one year after our initial chat.

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Kristopher Shinn

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Photographer | Pacific Northwest
Creator of: By Way of Water, Tokyo: A Love Story, and Bali in Black & White