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All I'll say about this episode is that the vibes here matched the episode with Deeze. From the moment we chatted offline before the show, I knew it was going to be amazing.

Come now, take a dive into Kris'sjourney with me! We chat about his first moments with a camera, how it made him feel all the way to his journey into NFTs and web3, and the drastic shift that happened since.

We also spend a great deal talking about how the space has changed since we both joined early in early 2021, and the challenges that present to onboarding new folks into the world of NFTs.

In the second half of the interview, we discuss four collections of Kris's. We spend the most time on his first collection, By Way of Water, which transformed my view, yet again of how powerful storytelling is that accompanies the image. Furthermore, we dive into his other three collections listed below.

1.By Way of Water 

2. Tokyo: A Love Story 

3.Baili in Black & White 

4.Snow Days (Super Rare) 

Enjoy <3

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Kristopher Shinn

Artist l Photographer

Photographer | Pacific Northwest
Creator of: By Way of Water, Tokyo: A Love Story, and Bali in Black & White