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This week, we dive deep into the ocean with Nadine Bauer. She is a biologist by trade, but her true passion lies with a  camera in her hands. She is one of the few underwater photographers I've seen in the NFT space, so naturally, I had to have her on.

Her life is anything but ordinary, originally from Germany, Nadine has traveled the world, including some hot spots in Southern America. Her story is full of so many "random" occurrences that pushed her to the position she's in today, including her introduction into NFTs.

We chat about her journey into NFTs, as well as her underwater work, including my personal favorite "Angelita", which is her most expensive piece on Foundation. This is where her excitement really came to life in this episode :).

She's not just passionate about underwater photography. She shoots amazing landscape photos as well and is currently traveling in a van across the country in the United States. The photos from this collection will be listed on Foundation in her collection titled "Tales of the Road".

FURTHERMORE, she just added to her "Between Landscapes" collection to include her best work while adventuring Mexico, available on OpenSea.

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Nadine Bauer


Biologist with a passion for the ocean and photography | dive master