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This week, I bring to you, sh3k1n4h, who is currently the full-time Lawyer for the Dead Fellaz project. I first came across Shekinah a while back (less than a year) when she was the lawyer for the massive web3 brand, RTFKT. I was instantly thinking "what does it mean to be a web3 attorney?" "How does one even go about getting involved?". Well, not only do we discuss that, but I uncover that Shekinah is a creative writer with visions of her own, and is actively writing out a storyline for her Clone to create a comic series! We discuss her early days of how she found the web3 space in the first place, how she got hired onto RTFKT, and we dive into the realm of commercial rights, what she expects from hers, and current use cases of how it's being used today. Lastly, we top off the conversation of discussing a movie that contains all of the histories in web3 during this period.

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Shekinah Apedo is a Miami native that has worked at the intersection of financial crime in cryptocurrency and law in web3. She formerly represented metaverse fashion brand, RTFKT Studios, on collabs with Atari®️, Jake Paul, Jeff Staple, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Tik Tok, before their acquisition by Nike in 2021.

Currently, Shekinah advises web3 artrepreneurs and innovators on contracts, trademarks, compliance risks, and transitioning into the metaverse economy. Virtual worlds are prime real estate for a diverse portfolio of intellectual property.