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Here we go!!!

Welcome back to another episode of the Boonafide Experience Podcast. I had the treat of sitting down with the entire Super Rare founding team to discuss their origin story, current state, and what they're all three looking forward to.

For those who don't know what Super Rare is, it's a highly curated digital art platform where the average sale is $21k or between 4eth-7eth depending on the market. The irony of this platform is that this was not the intention. Their entire mission was to create an authentic, curated platform to share art. Today, it is the most sought-after platform with over 30k applicants.

There were some edits that did have to be made due to some technical difficulties, but I think I made it pretty seamless ;)

Enjoy the show!

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Super Rare:

Website: https://www.superrare.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuperRare
John C.: https://twitter.com/SuperRareJohn
John P.: https://twitter.com/SuperRarePerks
Charles C: https://twitter.com/shredcitynation

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Charles CrainProfile Photo

Charles Crain

Co-founder, CTO

Blockchain Entrepreneur, Haskell/Purescript developer. Passionate about applying my experience with technology to help others.

Jonathan PerkinsProfile Photo

Jonathan Perkins

Co-founder, CPO

Software engineer & entrepreneur with diverse experience in web application development.

Specialties: Ethereum, JavaScript, Node, React, product & business development.

John CrainProfile Photo

John Crain

Founder, CEO

Building the future of art collecting.