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Ladies and gentlemen, y'all are in for a treat today!

As the previous co-creator of Google Earth, Chikai brought his wealth of technical knowledge into this space to re-imagine the concept of an art gallery in the digital age.

He has collected from some of the most established artists in the space, including Neil Burnell, Cath Simard, Kristopher Shinn, Samantha Cavet, Eric Reubens, Summer Wagner, and so many more . Not only is he an avid collector, but his major contribution to this space is via his custom built Monolith Gallery. This is not just building a website to feature art, he's literally untangling the current meta by changing how galleries get curated. Instead of a billionaire who makes a sizeable investment to the gallery, Chikai appointed the best curators on the planet, the artists.

We discuss his idea for Monolith, entry into web3, mental models for approaching collections, and an in-depth discussion about the importance of onboarding and how he's doing it.

I highly suggest pulling up Monolith Gallery as you watch this to get a taste of what he's all about.


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