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This week, I present to you, Funghibull, the co-owner of the native web3 marketing agency, Shillr, and a legendary art collector. I've not only had the privilege of working with Funghi over the past year, but can call him a friend, and today you get to hear his story!

We chat through the following:

5:00-18:00 Intro to web3
18:00-31:45 Why digital art collecting
31:45-52:20 Creation of Shillr
52:20-1:07:45 Bull & Bear market learnings
1:07:45-1:33:45 Digital identity
1:33:45-1:40:16 "Between Realms" by Alizé Jireh

As always, this podcast is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be relied upon for financial advice, Boona & guests may own NFTs discussed in this podcast.

Boonafide Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoonaETH
Website: https://www.boonafide.com

Funghibull Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/funghibull
Shillr: https://www.shillr.xyz/

NFTs used in this podcast:

Intro music by Sean Mundy: https://twitter.com/seanmundyphoto

Artwork discussed- "Between Realms" by Alizé Jireh
Link to piece: https://foundation.app/@alizejireh/escape-c8e8/8

"Metamorphosis" by Samantha Cavet- https://twitter.com/samanthacavet
"Empathogen" by Connor Grasso- https://twitter.com/_cnnnr