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I am stoked to introduce this week's guest, Mae. She is a 3D artist hailing from Australia who creates the comfiest landscapes of worlds that don't exist, but everyone wishes they did. Mae has been creating all of her life as a creative outlet and meditation tool. Her 3D journey began by creating and selling in-game assets for the sims; you can already see how the world of web3 and NFTs made complete sense. After a few years, she combined her love for art with the tools of 3D to make the comfiest fictional landscapes on the internet today.

Some of the main topics we chat through:

-Experience surrounding financial markets
-An artists supply
-Strategy and focus during the bear
-What collectible NFT we'd both want to own, and why
-We round it off with Mae's physical art collection

I'm so excited for you to hear this one!

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Website: https://www.boonafide.com
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Mae Socials:

Website: https://www.eniosta.com/links
Twitter: https://twitter.com/enixsta