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With great pleasure, I get to share with you the conversation I got to have with Summer. She's a fine art photographer hailing from the midwest and tells stories through a surreal dreamscape lens.

Summer has been in the web3 space a little north of a year, and recently, she sold out of her 54-piece collection on Foundation called The Parody of a Tangled Thread in less than a week; it's been quite something to watch. Our previous guest, Chikai, felt so compelled by this collection that he built a custom website that provides tools to view the collection as Summer intended.

We go through her journey from corporate to web3, the uncomfortable but necessary lessons needed that made her into who she is today. We both talk about scams, what it means to be early, and how she just fell right into the web3 space. Summer goes deep into the story of her recently sold-out collection, The Parody of a Tangled Thread. I highly recommend browsing Chikai's website as we discuss this collection (I'll put the link below).

Lastly, Summer tells us where she's going, and I think you're all going to get excited :)

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Summer Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bugindreamland
Foundation: https://foundation.app/collection/pott?sortOrder=DEFAULT
Super Rare: https://superrare.com/summergwagner