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Connor Grasso aka “cnnnr” (b.1999, he/him) is an Alaskan artist who creates his work by using photographic processes. His knowledge of photography was a result of his global travels and experience with a variety of different cultures and landscapes. He began taking photos in 2015, the first year he picked up a camera. Shortly after, he became aware that his purpose in the world was to capture the world's environments and the feelings delivered by them and their inhabitants. In July of 2020 Connor began exploring and pioneering photography on the blockchain. Since then, his works have been featured internationally in galleries in New York City, Prague, and Shanghai. Connor has also worked as a director and photographer at Top Dawg Entertainment as well as 300 Entertainment.

Clients and Collaborators: Top Dawg Entertainment - Lonely Planet - REI - 300 Entertainment - Mazda - Zumiez - Travel Channel

Connor Grasso

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