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Mae is a 3D landscape artist from the east coast of Australia. she spends her day job tinkering in software and almost all of her free time creating in one way or another. She's tried everything from knitting to clay sculpture, but she found her home in 3D.

Her journey with 3D began with creating & selling game assets, with an interior and architectural design focus. She eventually found herself feeling restricted by game engine mechanics and decided to revert back to art for art's sake, using the skills she gained in 3D to pivot to a new medium.

She's always used art as a means of escapism; the perfect way to step outside of your own mind for a moment and go someplace else. with 3D that someplace else doesn't need to be a real place - or even a possible place - and this is where she has settled. Somewhere amongst surrealism and escapism. her work is typically described as soothing, peaceful, and calming. it allows the viewer the chance to come along with me for a moment, to step outside of the chaos of their own mind.

Mae (enixsta)

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