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This podcast might as well be titled "Life Alpha" because Joe and I riff on many fantastic topics that have helped us grow as humans and creatives.

Joe is a photographer and actor with a wide variety of styles, everything from powerplants to clowns, monuments, and so much more.

We start our chat by going through the subtle art of not giving a fuck, and the importance of having personal anchor points in our lives. Something that really stuck out to me was Joe's advice on how to ask our brain better questions; it really got me thinking about what and how I ask myself questions moving forward.

We spent the rest of the time talking about two important topics: painful art vs. joyful art, and the second piece we dived deep into was his Foundation genesis piece, "ADHD and Me."

We wrap up this epic conversation where we started, with anchor points.

Enjoy <3

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Joe's socials & work

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thejoecardamone
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/thejoecardamone
"ADHD & Me": https://foundation.app/@thejoecardamone/monoc/1

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Joe Cardamone


Joe Cardamone found his passion for photography after receiving his first DSLR years ago as a present from his partner. Since that time he has continuously gown and worked on his craft through workshops, working with other professional photographers, and real world experience, which has allowed him the opportunity to deliver professional photographs to numerous clients. Joe loves concerts, portraiture, set, and candid/documentary photography and finds each avenue extremely fulfilling and exciting.

Joe is an actor, veteran, father of two young children, and devotes his creativity to learning and growing as an actor.
This creativity has included writing scripts and filming projects with the production company he founded, Twelvesteed Productions. Joe has won numerous awards at competitions and in film festivals for his writing and acting.
In addition, he consults on writing and acting for other production companies in the NYC and DMV area.