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Joe Cardamone found his passion for photography after receiving his first DSLR years ago as a present from his partner. Since that time he has continuously gown and worked on his craft through workshops, working with other professional photographers, and real world experience, which has allowed him the opportunity to deliver professional photographs to numerous clients. Joe loves concerts, portraiture, set, and candid/documentary photography and finds each avenue extremely fulfilling and exciting.

Joe is an actor, veteran, father of two young children, and devotes his creativity to learning and growing as an actor.
This creativity has included writing scripts and filming projects with the production company he founded, Twelvesteed Productions. Joe has won numerous awards at competitions and in film festivals for his writing and acting.
In addition, he consults on writing and acting for other production companies in the NYC and DMV area.

Joe Cardamone- Photographer l Actor l Army & Airforce Veteran

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