June 15, 2021

Ryan Fairchild- Esports Attorney for Brooks Pierce Law Firm

Ryan represents esports players, influencers, content creators, and other stakeholders in negotiating and drafting contracts, structuring licensing deals, developing brand protection strategies, addressing corporate matters, ...

Esports Business NFT

April 19, 2021

S2 E6- Eunice Chen: Founder of Enlight & Cloud9 Adviser

Eunice created Enlight for everyone to learn about the esports industry. She does this by curating masterclasses from the top leaders in esports, and an intimate community where members have the opportunity to make valuable c...

Esports Business

March 15, 2021

S2 E3: Mitch Alan, Founder & CEO of NorCal Esports

Mitch is the founder & CEO of the up and coming RED HOT organization NorCal Esports. NorCal Esports is a content org that has a primary focus on Fortnite content creators. They recently hit a major milestone of 200k subscribe...

Esports Business

February 08, 2021

S2 E1- Jacob Wolf: The fundamentals of Esports Journalism

Chief Reporter & Investigative Lead for Dot Esports. A lifelong gamer, Jacob worked at ESPN for four and half years as a staff writer in their esports section. In 2018, the Esports Awards named Jacob their Journalist of the Y...

Esports Journalism

December 11, 2020

E: 39 Jess Brohard, Esports Caster & Freelance Content Creator

This week is a special one! Jess is a phenomenal caster and freelancer in the Esports and gaming world. Recently she had the honor of presenting at the Call of Duty Cold War global launch! We dive into her experience leading ...

Esports Business Wellness

December 04, 2020

E: 38 George Nowack- Motion & Graphic Designer for 100 Thieves

Brace yourself... This one is going to bless your eardrums. I had the pleasure of chatting with George Nowack, who is a Motion & Graphics Designer for the 100 Thieves organization. If you know me, you know I love this brand, ...

Esports Business

November 13, 2020

E: 37 Zach Sass: CEO of Sector Six Apparel

Welcome back to another episode of The Boonafide Experience! Earlier this week, the podcast celebrated 500 downloads!! Thank you so much for your support <3. This week, we have Zach Sass on the show, he is the Co-Owner & CEO ...

Esports Business

November 06, 2020

E: 36- Ashes: Winningest Coach in Console Esports History, 22x Champ & Current GM of UYU Esports

I am so freakin stoked for you to hear this episode! This DM went out a long time ago, and was so excited to get a response back. I first found Nick "Ashes" by watching Optic Gaming's "Vision" series on YouTube, and was insta...

Esports Video Games Business

October 30, 2020

E: 35 David "Sandman" Doran Esports & Concert Photographer

This week's episode highlights a deeply rooted Halo fan. I found out about him through Twitter on just about every Halo post I saw, and felt compelled to check him out! He tells his story and passion for photography not only ...

Esports Video Games Leisure

October 09, 2020

E 34- Justin Havey

Welcome back to another episode, we're back from our break, and have an exciting new guest on the show! He goes by his last name, Havey. He is most commonly known for his reviews of Halo montages back in the Halo 2 and 3 days...

Esports Business

August 26, 2020

E: 33 GlitterXplosion- Variety Streamer | Full-Time Esports Host/Analyst

Welcome to episode 33 of the Boonafide Experience Podcast! For those of you who are new here, welcome, and thank you for tuning in. I bring talent from all over the gaming industry AND the world to share their collective stor...

Video Games Esports Business

August 19, 2020

E: 32 Guy "Blaze" Spencer- Esports Analyst & Commentator

Strap in, y'all. This one brings the heat (pun intended). I first saw Guy (@GuyBlazeLive) when watching one of the Gears of War pro series tournaments and just remembering to myself, "This guy... I need to talk with this guy!...

Video Games Esports Business

July 23, 2020

E 30: ObeyDrix- Former GOW Pro, Full Time Content Creator for Rise Nation

For our 30th episode, I bring to you none other than the man, the myth, the legend himself, Mr. Obey (Demarco) Drix. He is a full-time Gears of War content creator for the Rise Nation, previous esports professional. This epis...

Esports Video Games Business

July 02, 2020

E: 28 Xera Tricky, Pro Apex Player & Content Creator

Xera "Nelson" Tricky is in the house, well, virtually! This was an absolute blast to record. We discuss his upbringing into gaming, what the games were that hooked him, and spent the last half diving headfirst into his compet...

Esports Video Games

May 27, 2020

E: 25- Harry "Lethal" Thomas, Esports Commentator & Host

This week, we take a peek into another side of the world of esports, and that's the world of the casters& analyst desk. If you're a sports fan, you already are familiar with this role in traditional sports. That's not how Har...

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